Ohio Northwest Jurisdiction

11814 Buckeye Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44120
(216) 752-1076
Bishop Clifford L. Kimbrough, Jr.
Presiding Prelate
Ohio Northwest Church of God in Christ
Mother Ellen Pettigrew
General Supervisor of Women's Department
Ohio Northwest Church of God in Christ
District Superintendants
District Missionaries
                                                           Tri-County District
Supt. David Howard, Jr. - Chairman Supt. Board                         Missionary Sheryl Sargent

R.L.Chapman Memorial District
Supt. Herman Fleming -Chairman Elder's Council                         Missionary Gladys Blakely

Cornerstone District
Supt. Louis Bradford                                                                 Missionary Regina Cook

United District
Supt. Robert Cunningham                                                          Missionary Jewel Alexander

Sandusky District
Supt. Clinton Gray                                                                     Missionary Myrtle Hill

J.D. James Memorial District
Supt. Wardell Harris                                                                   Missionary Helen Simmons

Cincinnati-Dayton District
Supt. Samuel Johnson                                                                Missionary Dorothy Smith

Central Unity District
Supt. Edward Jones, Jr.                                                             Missionary Blondean Jones

Metropolitan District
Supt. Norman McDuffie                                                             Missionary Bertha Barney

Truevine District
Supt. Joseph Morgan                                                                 Missionary Louise McIntyre
"The Jurisdiction Where There Is No Ship Like Fellowship"
         Ohio Northwest Adjutants
            (Clockwise, from the left)
1. Eld. Stephen Lott*
2. Eld. Steven Sargent
3. Eld. Edward Jackson*
4. Eld. Gerard James*
5. Eld. Kenny Williams*
6. Chief Adjutant - Eld. Rocco Wellington*
* National Adjutants
Lady Loretta Kimbrough
Ohio Northwest's First Lady
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