This is my fan fiction site, honoring shows and characters I have become fond of over the years

Highlander Fan Fiction

The Royal Women

Or, what happens when Methos and Amanda rescue the Tsar of Russia's youngest daughter from the massacre at Ekaterinburg

Duncan has a rough time convincing a princess that she really can't be a princess

In modern times, Methos runs into the most independent of Queen Victoria's daughters

The misunderstood Queen of France makes an unlikely friend

Edward II's much-hated wife takes a liking to Richie

Highlander: Other

Kronos gets a girlfriend, but the poor girl can't even imagine what's she gotten herself into

Vampires and immortals mix in this tale of a woman who just wants out

Law and Order/Homicide: Life on the Streets Fan Fiction

These are best if read in order, but hey, it's a free country :D

In pontmarieland, Claire Kincaid and Tim Bayliss live happily ever after

An explosion has half the Homicide team trapped inside the ruined building, and their loved ones waiting anxiously outside

Mike Logan struggles with life without Alexandra

Does Baltimore Mike have a thing for Mes?

A Homicide Christmas
Just like the title says, it's Christmas time with our favorite detectives

Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction

Sense and Insensibility
Or, what happens when a snotty English Duchess and her daughters move to Colorado

Can there be forgiveness when the person you hurt is no longer here to forgive you?

The Webrings

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