Welcome to the PHPV and Aphakia Support Pages, especially written (by a parent) for parents of children with PHPV or aphakia (missing the natural lens of the eye). I also welcome medical professionals or anyone else who has an interest in PHPV and aphakia. I hope you enjoy reading these pages as much as I enjoy creating them. Take care and God bless, Jessica Mayfield ~ McKenzie's Mommy :o)


PHPV and Aphakia Support Pages


Information Contained in these Pages

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Questions for your Doctor

Questions for before and after surgery - for your child's pediatric ophthalmologist, anesthesiologist, and retinal specialist.

Patching Information

Tips to help you keep your child's patch on, ways to decorate patches, sources for patches and other tips.

Contact Lens, Scleral Shell, and Glasses Information

Information about different types of contact lenses and where you can find them. Also, tips on how to find lost lenses and how to insert and remove a contact from a child's eye. There are also a few links for information regarding scleral shells. There is also help with buying glasses for your child. I have also included a link to the AAPOS Medical Necessity Letter regarding aphakic contact lenses. Use this if you are having problems getting your child's lenses covered by insurance.

IEP Goals

Here you will find ways your child's school may develop a plan for your child based on his/her visual needs.

Shooting Stars

Read about McKenzie and what she's been up to and take a peek at other children with PHPV.


An informal dictionary of terms used in connection with PHPV and aphakia.


Links to other eye resources, including other pages set up by parents for their children with PHPV.

Children's Patch Pictures

Take a peek at some pictures of McKenzie and her friends wearing their patches!




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