The Phoenix Fighters
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The once peaceful kingdom of Shaldani has turned into a battle field.  After centuries of prosperity and strength, a dark foe, a band of outer realm soldiers called The Ebene, led by Lord Zelazny, began a massive take over of the kingdom.  Their first act was to seal off the physical boarders of Shaldani.  With everyone immobilized, the Ebene cast a spell over the kingdom, completely wiping out all magic.  But in their haste, they made one mistake.  Their magic shield passed over a boarding house called the Phoenix House. 

The Ebene began to open portals across the kingdom, using the portals to steal the souls of citizens, leaving behind listless shells.  The portals were difficult to maintain, so the Ebene found themselves only able to produce one a week, sustainable for an hour at most.  Difficulties arose for the Ebene, when they discovered that certain people's souls couldn't be stolen.  These were the souls of people who had been exposed to the Circuits of Time.

These protected people began to gather in the Phoenix House, forming a movement to resist the Ebene by smuggling people across the border and trying to save souls from being sucked into the portals.  Using brains, magic, weapons, and heart, they fight to free Shaldani from Zelazny's hold.  They are the Phoenix Fighters.
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