updated- June 4th, 2002

Welcome To OmniDistro!

I don't Do Customized Tapes anymore, See---

Pre Recorded Compilation/Album Tapes!

At OmniDistro you can order tapes from the list of music we have. It's a decent and inexpensive way to experience music you haven't heard or music you like without having to buy the entire record, tape, or Cd. As we progress, we will be offering more and more music pertaining to the punk and crust movements. Profits will be used mainly for providing blank tapes, new music, and in the future, silk screens for patches and shirts, pins, and our zine. Also we are donating a portion to various progressive underground organizations.
Thank you, and we Appreciate your support of our Distro and D.I.Y Business!!!

At OmniDistro we understand the importance of counter-cultural authenticity and D.I.Y. Business. When Capitalism is practiced, even in its most remote form, it should be practiced as anarcho-capitalism; without legal spectations, contracts, papers, licenses etc. It should be D.I.Y. (We are against monopoly, multi-national corporations, and unethical business practices i.e. sweat shops etc.)

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To those concerned: We see the American Flag as a symbol of a failed revolution, an idealistic democracy turned guised fascist. A flag that now means nothing more than capitalistic warfare, destruction, pain and suffering; War. We do not hate the land you call America, we hate the government who thinks it owns the land.


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