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 الصفحة العربية

Welcome to my photographic page      

This is the new site for my improved Home page. Here, is the result of my own work with animations and background music.

             Photographic Animations           

 I owe much to Fotosurf magazine for publishing one of my photos that encouraged me to make this page.

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Egypt1 21 photos

Egypt2 17 photos

Egypt3 14 photos

Countryside 30 photos

Islamic photos 46 photos

Different Views 43 photos

Black and white 20 photos

Black and white2 21 photos

Black and white3 19 photos

Flower photography 48 photos

Magic of green25 photos

Landscape 36 photos

Night Gallery 32 photos

Fantasy 30 photos

Water 25 photos

Black and white(4) 18 photos

Doubles 16  photos

Children 20 photos






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