Who is Dr Olof?

I am a transman born in 1964
Unfortunately, I was already 30 years old the first time I heard anything about ftm-transsexuals and that there was help to be had for people like me. At that point I was working abroad, so there wasn't much I could do about the problem until I returned to Sweden in 1998.
In the beginning of 1999 I first saw the psychiatrist that should confirm that indeed I am a transman. In March 2000 I started injecting tesosterone, in June 2000 I submitted the application for name change, legal gender change (new social security number) and permission for genital surgery. The application led to a positive decision in January 2001.
The first surgery took place in May 2001 (hysterectomy and metoidioplasty)
The legal paper work was finished in June 2001.
First top surgery as well as first attempt to repair the fistula on the new urethra was in October 2001, second and third top surgeries/fistula repair attempts followed in May 2002 and December 2002. A fourth attempt will be necessary, but since I am yet again abroad for one year this will happen, at the earliest, in April 2004.

Why Dr Olof?

It started out as a joke, after I had answered some questions in a German transman chatboard, and was beginning to feel like one of those experts who answers questions from the readers in legal or medical columns in the tabloids.

In fact, I am a real doctor too, although not in medicine but in molecular biology :-)


Dr Olof

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