Things that most transmen have to consider at some point

Only you know who you are

People might try to convince you otherwise, and somtimes you yourselves try to convince your self, but when it comes down to it, what matters isn't how you are seen but how you see yourself.

Lejonet i Dig

Transsexuality can not be "cured" by therapy

Somehow it seems quite unavoidable that the transman is pushed into seeing a therapist. The question, however, is what the purpose and aim of this therapy should be.

What would be different if you could live as a man?

Often the shrinks and doctors want to know what differnece between male and female are. The question isn't that easy to answer. You often land at "who considers herself to be a woman, is a woman"

M eller F?

TS is no sexual habit

Questions about your sex habits and partner preferences are also common. It makes you wonder how many times you must say that transsexuality has nothing to do with your sexual practices. "It's about who you are, not about who you go to bed with".

Testosterone - not to much and not to little

...and then! It's time for hormones, and you look forward to the effects and fear the side-effects. Testosterone ist metabolized to estrogen, if you get to much of it. You certainly don't want more fat on your thighs and behind, but you don't want to wait unnecessarily long for the positive effects either. So how often and how much should you inject?



Hair, much hair and preferably everywhere!

We hope for all good physical and mental changes out of the hormone therapy. We have no patience whatsoever. Particularly anxious are we to be ble to shave properly and feel the stubble.


Hairs aren't the only things that should grow ;-)

The "little friend" can easily get twice as big as before. If pumping helps is doubtful, but we don't mind trying. It is no surprise that this organ, suddenly big and sensitive, gets a lot of attention from its owner.
Of course, we also want muscles.

Not all effects of testosterone are equally welcome

If one have the right (or rather the wrong?) genes, tesosterone can cause baldness. Suddenly you aquire an interest for the amount of hair on your father's head.
...and how is it with grandpa?


Surgery - a difficult topic?

Who has breasts usually wants to get rid off them. That is the easy decision. In Sweden the Law requires sterilisation, before you can go through with your legal sex change. In Germany both the removal of the uterus and ovaries as well as breast surgery is necessary for legal change.

Genital surgery or not, that's the question

There are three options: Metoidiopalsty or "clit-dick", phalloplasty or netiher. What you need and want depends on the person concerned. What do you want to achieve? Something to fill out the trousers, something for sex or something to urinate standing?

den lille v�nnen

How big does it have to be?

Does it havve to big and hard enough for penetration? Is a "clit-dick" enough to be able to urinate standing? Do you prefer "the real thing" but small or do you need a really big one to feel like a man?
There are many questions, and there are no general answers.

What can the surgeons do?

How far are the surgery methods developed? Is it worth the while to wait? What surgeons are good and which are "butchers"? Eventually you have to make up ypur mind and hope for the best.
Life must go on!

Dr Olof

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