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Ram Air :

Scroll down for the other variations and some Suggestions!

Variation 1:

Supplies: Dryer ducting, duct tape, and plastic ties.

Run the dryer ducting from the outlet (snorkel) on the air cleaner to the slits down on the bottom of the front bumper. See picture.

ram_air_example1.jpg (27086 bytes)

Wedge the end of it in the opening and tie it down. It shouldn't be very noticeable down there. I think the duct tape was to be wrapped around the ducting for stability but it wasn't required. If you have a dual snorkel air cleaner( H/O,442) you can run air into both sides. I saw a picture of one somewhere but i dont recall where. That should work. Im not sure about what kind of results you will get. The guy who had this on his page said he hadnt gotten a chance to take it onto the track but he did notice better 30-60mph acceleration. He had this on a std 307 Cutlass w/ the std one snorkel air cleaner.

Variation 2: Remove the high beams and run the tubing in there. the hole is larger and will allow more air to go in. I have seen this done on a couple cars but i'm not sure on the specifics as to how its done exactly, but it can't be too hard.

Variation 3: Rather than butcher his instruction I'll just post exactly what Jason Erdkamp sent me.

"I got creative with air intake like that other guy on your page. I have a high volume K&N filter with a modified cover. This also lets you dump the fumes from the air pump and prevents the engine from eating crankcase farts. I don't think that other guys "Ram Air" does much. I think it might actualy hinder air flow. Air doesn't like to travel through bends in the tube, (slows it down) and in that long lengh of hose you lose lots of that "Ram" effect. My set up adds I say 3-4 more ponies by elimianting smog vapors and alows for all the air it can eat. And you no longer have to feed it that nasty hot air from the thermostaic heatriser off the mainfold. What I did was cut an aluminum plate to the diameter of the air cleaner and drill a hole in the center for the wing nut." Here's a pic of the setup.

ramair3.jpg (27984 bytes)


"If you want to get rid of  the underhood uglies try you local auto parts store for a black air intake duct. Mine cost $8.00, and they're availible in several diameters.As far as stuffing the duct into the bumper slots try an air intake from an 87 2.8L S-10. It has a flared plastic inlet that fits quite well over the slot.There is a metal clip on one end that will hold it in place.Oh, the molded duct on it is about 4in. in diameter." - Kevin White

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