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The first two pages show my car w/ the Monte SS wheels. The second two are w/ 442 wheels and my Olds license plate. The last page has me smokin' the tires and pics w/ my Dad's 87 Turbo Regal. Enjoy! (btw, more to come)
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I traded my 84 Cutlass in for an 85 442. It is Lt. Metallic Gray and Silver with gray interior. Options include:

  • High Output Olds 307, 180hp (5A Heads)* 245 ft/lb Torque
  • TH200-R4 Overdrive transmission w/ std. foor shifter
  • Dual exhaust - single cat, dual muffers (glass packs)
  • 3.73 Posi Rear End
  • Rear Air Shocks
  • 6-Way Power Driver Seat
  • Power Windows and Door Locks
  • Power antenna. (see below for more info)

Stuff Done So Far

I have done lots of small things to the car lately. Let's start inside. I have new exterior window sweepers on both doors and a new interior sweeper on the driver's side. (from GM) The gear indicator plate on the console is new. (got it from Kirben Performance). New console lid too. It still needs to be painted to match but its better than a hole for my arm to fall in. Also have some new vents from GM. Nice chrome around the edges which was missing on the olds ones. Above, I mentioned the Pioneer speaker covers, well now they house Delco Performance speakers from a Buick. These were larger than the speakers I found on some Oldsmobiles. While they won't shake the car, they sound good. Plus they cost a whopping $15 from the salvage yard. What else.... oh yeah, I Armor All'd all the interior stuff.

Onto other stuff. The 442 decal that goes on the trunk was on the bumper so I removed it and put on new decal from GM on the trunk where it belongs. I found an air cleaner lid (have the dual snorkle bottom though) from the slavage yard. Its not chrome but its better than nothing. I pulled the power antenna assembly and installed a normal antenna mast. I still get static when the car is moving so I think I need a new cable that runs from the antenna to the radio. Other stuff includes new oil, filter, air cleaner, and a fresh coat of wax on half the car. Need to finish some time.

Been a while since I updated this page. I have 442 rally wheels now and two 442 center caps. The other two are regular rocket centers.  The air manifold and air pump have been replaced (along with the head the manifold was stuck to).  No more fumes in the car which a great thing.   Got some speakers for the rear to replace the $15 factory speakers from the junk yard.  They are 4x10 Pioneers so they fit in the stock speaker holders and sound fantastic. The console lid has been painted and matches the rest of the interior. Found some weather strip in the junk yard that was in good condition for my driver's door.

Stuff that needs to be done

Still need two 442 center caps, new (or better used) weather strip for the passenger side door, chrome air cleaner lid, some chrome trim pieces could be replaced.

Well, I picked up two NOS 442 center pieces for my wheels last year at the OCA Nationals in Dallas. (it's been a while since i updated this page, eh?) I have a chrome air cleaner lid now too, as well as new weather stripping from Metro. I also have some non-dented chrome trim that still needs to be buffed to look nice.

Car Shows

I've taken the car to three car shows, all in the past month and a half.  Went to Mid-America Dragway in Ark City where the Wichita Area Chevelle Owners had a show open to all makes and models.  I won the Buick/Olds class.  I then went to the local Derby Days car show.  I entered the 1975-newer original class.  Lost to a 98 Camaro and 78 Trans-Am.  I don't know if that class could have been any broader.   The latest show was the Lake Afton All Wheels car show.  Hundreds of cars out on the open lawn by the lake. I just parked it out there and wandered around the show.   There weren't any judged classes, it was just a show.

Here's a couple dash plaques...

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