Flexi EP Dead Kennedys Buzzbomb Alternative tentacle 1987   NM- punk 8
EP Dead Kennedys Too drunk t fuck Cherry 1981 NM- NM- punk 10
EP Deltones (the) Deltones (the) Boucherie production 1988 EX NM- ska 15
EP Depression Missing with your heart BADN 1978 VG++ EX punk 10
EP Desmond Dekker Israelites Fontana (french press) 197- EX NM- Ska 25
EP Detonazione Sorvzgliare e punire Tunnel 1983 NM- NM- punk 35
EP Devilskins Porca troia ! Passatore 199- EX EX Skinhead 12
EP Disorder Complete disorder Cherry red 1981 VG VG++ Hardcore 8
EP Doctor mix No fun Rought trade 1979 EX EX punk 30
Promo EP Doctor mix I can't control myself Rought trade 1978   NM- punk 35
Flexi ep Dread yankees Dread yankees Luy record 1989 NM- NM- Hardcore 22
EP Dropkick murphys Curse of a fallen soul (Green vynil insert) Knock out 1998 NM- NM- Oi 15
EP Eddy & the hot rods Writing in the wall (rare french press) Phonogram France 1976 EX NM- punk 35
EP Edith Nylon Tank CBS 1978 EX EX punk 12
EP Electronaze Electronaze Aaltrack record 1981 VG++ EX punk 25
EP Ennemy (the) Fallen hero (w/h insert) Fall out n°1 1982 EX EX punk 18
EP Expelled (the) No life no future Riot city 1982 NM- NM- oi 15
EP Exploited (the) Exploited barmy army Self product 1981 EX EX oi 10
EP Exploited (the) Army life Self product 1981 EX NM- oi 10
EP Exploited (the) Dogs of war Secret 1981 EX EX oi 10
EP Fearless vampires killers The girls who ripe boys MCR 1988 NM- NM- hardecore 18
EP Fuck Geez Here's the Fuck Geez (japan title) MCR (cover poster) 1986 NM- NM- oi 18
EP Fuck Geez Here's the Fuck Geez (japan title) Jungle hop international 1986 NM- NM- oi 18
EP Flatus Budget beer ep Roundrecord 1993 NM- NM- oi 18
EP Flitox First ep (green cover) Jungle hop international 1985 EX- NM- punk 30
EP Focke-Wulf Focke-Wulf (green vynil) Force majeure 1992 NM- NM- oi 15
EP Garçons bouchers Carnivore Boucherie production 1987 EX EX oi 18
EP Garçons bouchers La biere Boucherie production 1985 VG EX- oi 18
EP Garçons bouchers Le ska des garçons bouchers Boucherie production 1987 NM- NM- oi 15
EP GG Allin The toubled troubadour Mountain (w/h insert) 1990 NM- NM- hardecore 12
EP Gobsmarkt Police State     NM- NM- oi 12
EP Greyhound Black & white Trojan 197- EX Vg++ ska 10
EP Guarda de ferro Short hair..(600 made Black vynil) Steve priest fan club 1991 NM- NM- skinhead 30
EP Guillotine Délinquance (350 made w/h insert) Guilty 1999 NM- NM- skinhead 35
SP Happy drivers Arena ( promo ep + plan media) Boucherie production 1990   EX punk 30
EP Hat Trickers Come on united Knock out 1998 NM- NM- oi 5
EP Headwound Kings of beer (white vynil) Headache 1992 NM- NM- oi 15
Picture EP Herberts (The) Oi! Generation (W/h insert) Bleach 1994 NM- NM- oi 40
EP Herberts (The) Oi! Generation Bleach 1994 NM- NM- punk 35
EP human being first ep auto production 1984 NM- NM- hardecore 15
EP Idiots Idiots (Signed by all the band) Mulleimer 1987 EX- EX- punk 25
EP Impact Cœur de lion Impact 1995 EX- NM- skinhead 8
EP Infanterie sauvage (l') Les héros du peuple (200 made hand numbered) Keblos (yellow vynil) 1992 NM- NM- oi 45
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