LP Ejected (the) Spirit of rebellion Riot city 1983 EX NM- oi 40
LP Electric chairs (the) Electric chairs (the) Safari 1978 EX Vg++ Punk 8
LP Elite of terror Flames of pride Rock o rama 1990 NM- NM- Skinhead 32
LP English Rose Dreams of freedom (marbled vynil 500 made) Rettet die Schallfolie 2000 EX NM- skinhead 45
2*LP Eskorbutos Los dementiales chicos accelerados Discos suicida 1987 Vg++ Vg++ Punk 58
LP Exploited Punk's not dead Secret (german press) 1981 EX EX oi 18
LP Haircut Fils d'ouvrier DIM 200- NM- NM- skinhead 12
LP Happy Drivers Happy Drivers (w/h  poster booklet) Boucherie production 1990 VG++ EX punk 30
LP Hawks (the) Hawks (the) (Golden wax) Vulture rock 200 NM- NM- skinhead 18
2*LP Husker Due Zen arcade Aggressive rock 1984 NM- NM- punk 25
10' Infanterie Sauvage Live 83 (red wax) Crude 2001 NM- NM- oi 30
Picture LP Klasse Kriminale Faccia a faccia Knock out 199- EX EX oi 15
LP Kortatu Kortatu (insert) Sonua 1985 NM- NM- punk 35
LP Ludwig von 88 Sprint Bondage 1988 NM- NM- Hardecore 18
LP Ludwig von 88 Houla la 2 "la mission" Bondage 1987 EX EX punk 30
LP MKB Hotel du labrador (inner sleeve) Bondage 1988 NM- NM- punk 35
LP Minor Threat Minor Threat (Green cover insert UK press) Dischord 1984 NM- Vg++ Hardecore 18
LP Misfits Walk among us (Italian press) Ruby 1982 EX EX punk 145
LP Motorhead Motorhead (french press) Chiswick Sonopresse 1977 EX EX Heavy 45
LP Nabat Campane a stormo (500made handnumbered) Potere 199- EX EX oi 35
LP Orlik Demise Monitor 1991 NM- EX+ oi 45
LP Outcasts (the) Self conscious over you  (French press) SFP 1979 EX+ NM- punk 40
LP Panik Les troubadours du chaos Autoproduction 1983 VG++ EX oi 75
LP PTTB Live and loud ! Link 1989 EX EX oi 15
LP Plimsouls (the) Plimsouls (the) Fan club record 1989 EX EX punk 10
LP Ramones Rocket to russia (First US press w/h inner sleeve) Sire 1977 EX EX punk 25
LP Reagan youth For..God and country (blue vynil) New red archive 1990 NM- NM- Hardecore 28
LP Reich Orgasm Reich Orgasm Chaos production 1983 EX VG++ oi 60
LP Roy Loney & Phantom movers Contents under pressure War Bride 1981 EX EX punk 10
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