Welcome to Genericness?

Yes, my site is looking a little bland, at the moment. Be patient with me.

I woke up to the unpleasant surprise that my previous homepage hosting service had, without warning, deleted every site in the domain on which my site was hosted, citing the usual excuse for horrible service - "the spammers made us do it" - and so much for professionalism. The good news was that Webring had (and has) what seems to be a highly reliable homepage service of its own, with a few annoying quirks to be sure, but nothing that one can't get used to. Do that, and you'll notice that there are no ads, and no signs of the severe space and bandwidth limitations that can make life so difficult on other hosts. Very interesting, in a very good way.

The only unpleasant thought that I had was that I wasn't putting this interesting id of mine to the use that it deserved. New York is a lot bigger than this one festival I had been writing about. A site with that id, in this location, should reflect that, I think, and it will. Like practically every other Jew alive, it seems, I have family in New York. No travel budget at the moment, but eventually I should be able to get there, and spend time documenting the place in a depth impossible to achieve during the brief trips one can afford as a regular tourist, trying to pay for a hotel room without going broke. It's a creative opportunity, or will be one, eventually.

If you'd like to see what is already up, the Directory Page should help, and of course, there is the obligatory ring return page. There had better be, really, seeing as this is something like a three page site hosted on the Webring server, itself - not meeting one's obligations under the navigability policy would be absurdly cheeky. I don't have much to see on this site, today - again, please keep in mind that this was a rushed move - but update notification through Twitter is available on this page. I'll tweet whenever something new and relatively interesting is to be seen on my site, or I have a few observations to share.