Updated March 2, 2006!
Well, folks, its been 22 months since I last updated the page.  I would like to thank you for your continuing patronage.  Even though this site doesn't draw the crowds of some others, I do appreciate you stopping by.  Some features are under construction, while some old favorites are readily avaiable.  Be sure to check out the site's new feature; "The Gametek Gallery".  Thanks for stopping by, and expect more updates soon (and a more attractive interface).
The Gametek Gallery is a retrospective of those classic 1980s and early 90s game show adaptions for the NES. 
Launched 3/2/06.
Seven (count 'em, seven!) years ago, I interviewed former emcee Jim Peck.  Check out what a 14-year old kid asked him way back in 1999.
Facelift completed 6/10/03.
My good friend Alex Davis gave me something else to spruce up this site: An interview with Mark L. Walberg. 
Added 5/17/04.
About seven (count 'em again!) years ago, JW Justice made an excellent page on tape trading etiquette.  His advice is still good today.
Added 10/20/03
And, what is surprisingly the most popular feature of the site, The Price is Right black and white information sheet.
Last Update 11/22/03
The remainder of the page remains under consideration.  Some pictures courtesy of Mike Klauss and Jason Antoniewicz.  Source for some pages: "The Encyclopedia of Television Game Shows, 3rd Edition. Copyright, 1998.
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