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This is Kevin Davis' site, I live in Northern Nova Scotia, Canada with my wife Carolyn and our two children Ryan and Megan. I have been collecting and restoring old engines for the last eight years .About 14 years ago I bought my first tractor, a 1948 Allis-Chalmers "B" since then I've bought & sold several tractors but about 8 years ago I got interested in shingle & sawmills.
       Please feel free to wander through this site and check out my old junk.This site is always under construction and I will be trying to improve it as time goes on. Please Note: The quality of many of these pictures is not the best. I will be replacing them a few at a time with better ones.


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United 6 H.P.
F-M lightplant engine
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Johnson,Iron Horse
Briggs & Stratton WM engine
Fairbanks-Morse "D"& pulper
Cub Cadet Tractor
Centaur Tractor
Centaur Tractor Pg.2
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Clinton Davisons mill 1958
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Anyone owning an Acadia stationary engine and wishing to register it on this site please e-mail the particulars, ie. horsepower, ignition ( magneto,Battery & coil etc.),H & M or Throttle governed,air-cooled or water,etc. to and I will add it to the registry.Note:  If you don't want your name posted please let me know & I will not put it on the page.
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Morris Blaikie

Have 1917 Model Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP
Good runner. Will trade for
Shingle Machine in good condition.

Kevin (902)243-3131

Posted Mar.20th,2007
Notice: Anyone wishing to register their Acadia engines please notify Denis Rouleau 
Denis will be taking over the registry.
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