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Hunting Kin?
My grandmother, Barbara Alice Trotter {far right}  with Brothers & Sisters
My Favorite Places To Visit:
Sevier County, TN Public Library
Town of Resaca, GA & Confederate Cemetery
Hamilton County, TN Genealogical Society
DeKalb County, GA Historical Society
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Paula Franklin
I have been working on hunting my kin for several years now and have collected quite a bit of information.  Since I enjoy helping others I have also worked on different lines not pertaining to my own family.  I hate the loss of free genealogy information on the internet due to the larger companies gobbling up the free sites and eventually making you pay for their use.  With this site I will endeavor to add what extra information I have plus my own in hope that it may benefit others searching for information.
Whitfield County, Georgia
Whitfield County, GA
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Whitfield County, GA
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Whitfield County, GA
Q - Z
Other Georgia Obituaries

Tennessee Obituaries
Catoosa County, GA
Walker County, GA
Blount County, TN
Fannin County, GA
Murray County, GA
Chattanooga-Hamilton County, TN Bicentennial Library
Knox County, TN
My Personal Genealogy Page
Sevier County, Tennessee
Whitfield-Murray County, GA Historical Society
Whitfield-Murray Historical Society
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Whitfield County, Georgia Funeral Directors
Sevier County, Tennessee Funeral Directors
Alabama Obituaries
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Blount County, Tennessee Funeral Directors
Murray County, Georgia Funeral Directors
Knox County, Tennessee Funeral Directors
Prater's Mill Country Fair - Varnell, GA

ReeceKisses Homepage
Murray County, Georgia
Order your publications from the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society Here
Georgia's Historic Covered Bridges
Georgia Hwy. 27 Historic Courthouses

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