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The Artistic Exploration Of Mania
The artictic exploration of Mania by the Original Marty Man is a culmination of learning to unlock and control and use my artistic abilities and may help you along with similar struggles, What makes me tick on the inside compared to what you see from the outside. What is real what is facade, why does there have to be a balance between depression and mania. How does one judge and diagnose another person when they have never experienced what emotions that person has felt. Most manic/depressed or Bi-Polar people resent being termed Bi-Polar, Some people use it as a curse word, It sounds like you are calling people with a condition that you are lucky not to be afflicted with inferior.This leads to people not seeking help for these problems and lead to unnecessary suicides in both teens and adults alike.
So these are my pictures, videos, articles, original music, tutorials, friends. I know you will not like it all but hope you find something you like.


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