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There aren't any translations up yet, sorry about that. ^.^;;;; //At least the anime listing will be. It takes a while to do the cd area. Also, there might be a few typos (okay, so more than a few..^.^;;) in the lyrics..I haven't had time to check them over. (If you want to use any of these lyrics for your page, please tell me first. Thanks. ^.^;) All animes/lyrics/etc. are copyrighted by their rightful owners.

[BTW, the first link in the anime listing will open up another window with the lyrics. If you do not want to open another window, go to the alternate link.]

Extra Notes: 28 July 2003 - I might be moving this page to a different server, but for now I'm keeping this page up until I get settled somewhere else :D Yay. A couple little updates up too.

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