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Card Captor Sakura

Um...I don't have a title yet... Possibly
Sakura's friends are starting to act different around her...what's wrong with them? And why are weird things happening to her brother...? Eek, could it be that her mother has returned from the dead!? @.@
NOTE=The prologue and chaps. (blank) and a half are written in 1st person. * * * means that the person has changed. For example, the prologue begins with Tomoyo's pov, then goes to Syaoran's, and ends with Sakura. Okay? ^.^; Confusing, huh?
Chapter 1: Sakura's confusion
Chapter 2: Sakura's brother
Chapter 3: Sakura's new love?
Chapter 3 1/2
Chapter 4: Sakura's worry
Chapter 5: Sakura's fright
Chapter 6: Sakura's new classmate
Chapter 7: Sakura's perturbed night
Chapter 8: Sakura's new trouble
Chapter 8 1/2
Chapter 9: Sakura's blame
Chapter 10: Sakura's dream
Chapter 11: Sakura's dream [part 2]
Chapter 12: Sakura's shock
Chapter 13: Sakura's disappearance

Ack, I still need a title for this, too~!
Meiling has done something horrid and has been sent to the insane asylum..what has she done? You have to read to find out! ^.^;
One shot.

To lose the ones you love...
Somebody is trying to ruin Sakura's life! It's someone she knows...but, who can it be?
NOTE=* * * means that the narration has changed to become a different person. ------ means that the narration is the same, but it is at a different point of time.
One shot.

The Unknown [No, really, that's the title! ^.^;]
Sakura and the others have found a new Clow Card...the only problem is that the card is inside of Sakura!
NOTE=This was my very first CCS takes place right after the 4th volume of the anime series...before Meiling comes. So...there's a limit to the amount of cards Sakura has. Okay? ^.^;; I didn't know much about CCS, so some of the info. is incorrect. (And Cerberus is known as 'it' instead of him. *shrugs* I didn't know what it was until I saw more of the anime...) I know that it's incorrect, but lazy me, I haven't had the time to fix it. :P I'll be finishing this one when I'm done with my others. ^.^;; (Dunno when that'll be..)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Was It Really Too Late...?
A fic. written for New Years! ^.^v ...Tomoyo invites her friends (Sakura, Rika, Naoko, Chiharu) to a skiing trip, but what happens when two of her friends can't make it? Who can she invite...? ^.-
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Party Time!
Tomoyo invites her friends to a party, since her mother isn't going to be home for a while. (yet another invitation...-.-;;) She wants Yamazaki and Syaoran there especially..for a special game they will be playing..what game would that be?
Chapter 1

One From Five
By: Mee-na
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Until The Day We Meet Each Other Again
By: Mee-na
One shot.

The True Word in Xmas Bless
By: Mee-na
One shot.

Wish Upon a Star
By: ^*kero~chan2000*^
Prologue: Remember .......

Flame of Recca

A Broken Past
Okay, so I said I was going to write a FoR fic. Here it is. *facefault* Warning, Raiha X Fuuko lovers aren't going to like this..This mostly is about screwing around with poor Mi-chan's I do to many characters..^.^;; Unfortunately...
One shot.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Um...I have a YYH fic that's 36 chaps. long, but I figured no one would read such a long I took it down. It might be up sometime in the future again, though. ^.^;; After I do some repairs to it.

Lab Assignment
Yusuke and the others have a lab assignment to do...they have to dissect a rat!? [Added charas=Mizura (yours truly) ^.^v, Liz, & Nicole (u know who u guys are)]
Chapter 1

What _Really_ Happened...
A fic 'written' by Kuwabara Kazuma. 'Nuff said.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Sailor Carrot!
What happens when Kuwabara is given a mission to save the Sailor Carrot?!
(This is some mix and match of YYH and SM, k? Not a crossover! ^.^;)
Episode 1: The beginning of a tale which should have been left untold
Episode 2: Sailor Carrot saves the day! (Sort of.)
Episode 3: Parlor Problems
Episode 4: The next Salad Scout!
Episode 5: Tomatoes VS Strawberries?!
Episode 6: Confusion...
Episode 7: Grapes, Melons, and a Cabbage?

Right as Yusuke is looking for Keiko, something weird happens...everyone's switching bodies?!
Chapter 1

This is a 1st person fic (sorta) written in Botan's POV, and I know that it's kind of ooc, but oh well...*sweatdrop* I wrote it while listening to "Remember" from Bubblegum Crisis, so if you know what song I'm talking about...well...this isn't going to be very happy.
One shot.

Kuwabara turns out to be Yusuke's guardian angel?! (Yeah, I got this idea from a drama I watched a while back...^.^;)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


Ahh! Too many anime characters! @.@ (In other words, no title..^.^;)
Cross of: AMG, YYH, FY, LU, think i'm missing a few, but i'm lazy..i'll update the list later. @.@ Oh yeah, the reason this fic isn't updated (yet) is 'cause i sorta lost my draft...when I find it I'll continue.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Video Games

Another Titleless Fic
Okay, my attempt at a slightly more serious ficcy including a sorta crossover of Final Fantasys 7-9 (mostly 7+8, though, with a few cameos from 9 charas. ^.^;) What happens when the characters from FF crash into each other and are stuck in an unknown land..where they can't even use magic? Oh yeah, there's a little bit more violence in here, ie-fight scenes, but nothing too gory. :P And like always, be wary about some unusual pairings..huh? Did I say relationship pairings? Well, that too, but...
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

More coming soon~!

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