1995 Grammy Nominees


    98 ļ and Rising




Backstreet Boys

    Backstreet Boys

    Backstreet's Back


    Black & Blue

Boyz II Men




    A Different Beat

     Where We Belong

Bryan Adams

     Waking up the Neighbours

     MTV Unplugged

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The Album

Celine Dion

    Falling Into You

    Let's Talk About Love


    No Angel

Elton John

    Love Songs





    Middle of Nowhere

'N Sync

    'N Sync

     No Strings Attached

Savage Garden

    Savage Garden


Shania Twain

    Come on Over

Songs from Dawson's Creek

    Vol. I

    Vol. 2

The Cranberries

    Everybody Else Doing it, So Why Can We? 

    No Need To Argue 

    To The Faithful Departed?

Toni Braxton




    Coast to Coast






2. NEVER 4:48
7. CAN'T LET HER GO 4:30
8. BABY C'MON 4:36
9. COME ON 5:01
12. TO THE LIMIT 5:02
13. DEAR GOD 4:58


Doiní just fine

There was a time when I thought life was over and out
When you went away from me
My dying heart made it hard to breathe
Would sit in my room
Because I didnít want to have to go out
And see you walking by
One look and Iíd break right down and cry
Now you say that youíve made a big mistake
Never meant to take your love away
But you can save your tired apologies
ĎCause it may seem hard to believe

Iím doiní just fine
Getting along very well
Without you in my life
I donít need you in my life
Iím doiní just fine
Time made me stronger
Youíre no longer on my mind

You were my earth
My number one priority
I gave me love to only you
Anything youíd ask of me
I would do
But somewhere down the road
You felt a change in the weather
And told me that you had to journey on
A kiss in the wind and your love was gone
Now you say you never meant to play your games
Girl, donít you know itís far too late
Because you let our love just fall apart
You no longer have a heart


When you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
There were times at night I couldnít sleep
My heart was much to weak to make it on my own
Baby after all the misery
And pain you put me through
So unfair to me girl
Youíre no longer my world
And I ainít missiní you at all


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In this world today
Love is scarce and far away
And your heart gets so afraid
To trust someone
All the times he let you down
There was no love to be found
Well itís not the end
Thereíll be time to mend
And youíll love again

Never, never let a broken heart
Take a chance for love away
Donít ever let it make you fall apart
Never, never ever let the pain
Take your need for love away
Never, no never

And I know it seems hard
Open up, let down your guards
But you owe it to your heart
To try again
Oh, comes the time
When we must change
With the past
Donít take the blame
Donít be ashamed
Throw your fears away


I know, donít be afraid
For you will never find
Another one you love again
I know that youíll be sorry girl
Be strong before itís too late
Because forever is too long
For you to live in pain
Just donít give up
Please open up to love


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    4 seasons of loneliness

    I long for the warmth of days gone by
    When you were mine
    But now those days are memories in time
    Lifeís empty without you by my side
    My heart belongs to you
    No matter what I try

    When I get courage up to love somebody new
    It always falls apart Ďcause they just
    Canít compare to you
    You love wonít release me
    Iím bound under ball and chain
    Reminiscing our love as I watch four seasonís change

    In comes the winter breeze
    That chills the air and drifts the snow
    And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe
    When springtime makes its way here
    Lilac blooms reminds me of the scent of your perfume
    When summer burns with heat
    I always get the hots for you
    Go skinny dippiní in the ocean where we used to do
    When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare
    When youíre not here it doesnít feel the same

    Remember the nights when we closed our eyes
    And vowed that you and I would be in love for all time
    Anytime I think about these things is shared with you
    I break down and cry Ďcause I get so emotional
    Until you release me Iím bound under ball and chain
    Reminiscing our love as I watch four seasons change


    This loneliness
    Has crushed my heart
    Please let me love again
    ĎCause I need your love to comfort me and ease my pain
    Or four seasons will bring the loneliness again


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    Girl in the Life magazine

    I fell in love with the girl in the picture
    That I used to keep
    Carried her Ďround in the back of my pocket
    She was always with me
    I imagine that I was a man of importance
    And she had a fancy for me
    And I use to dream she would call
    Crying her eyes out
    She had an obsession with me
    I was the love of her life
    And she was all mine
    The girl in the Life magazine

    The first time I we met in an aisle
    At the market
    She was staring at me
    I knew even then we would share
    Something special
    And it was like chemistry
    I fell in love from the moment I saw her
    So I took her straight home with me
    And thatís where Iíd dream
    She would step right out of the picture
    And spend a whole evening with me
    And oh how she hated to go
    Back to her picture
    The girl in the Life magazine

    All of my friends used to laugh
    Said I was certifiably mad
    ĎTill the day she came
    And she blew them away
    And asked me if Iíd be her man
    It seems that she went and fell
    In love with my letters
    Says sheís been looking for me
    So the story ends well
    We end up together
    The girl in the Life magazine

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    A song for mama

    You taught me everything
    And everything youíve given me
    I always keep it inside
    Youíre the driving force in my life, yeah

    There isnít anything
    Or anyone I can be
    And it just wouldnít feel right
    If I didnít have you by my side

    You were there for me to love and care for me
    When skies were grey
    Whenever I was down
    You were always there to comfort me
    And no one else can be what you have been to me
    Youíll always be you always will be the girl
    In my life for all times

    Mama, mama you know I love you
    Oh you know I love you
    Mama, mama youíre the queen of my heart
    Your love is like
    Tears from the stars
    Mama, I just want you to know
    Loviní you is like food to my soul

    Youíre always down for me
    Have always been around for me even when I was bad
    You showed me right from my wrong
    Yes you did

    And you took up for me
    When everyone was downiní me
    You always did understand
    You gave me strength to go on

    There was so many times
    Looking back when I was so afraid
    And then you come to me
    And say to me I can face anything
    And no one else can do
    What you have done for me
    Youíll always be
    You will always be the girl in my life


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    Can you stand the rain?

    On a perfect day
    I know that I can count on you
    When thatís not possible
    Tell me, can you weather the storm
    ĎCause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there

    Sunny days, everybody loves them
    Tell me
    Can you stand the rain
    Storms will come
    This we know for sure
    Can you stand the rain

    Love unconditional
    Iím not asking this of you
    Weíve got to make it last
    Iíll do whatever needs to be done
    ĎCause I need somebody who will stand by me
    Through the good times and bad times
    She will always, always be right there


    Can you stand the rain (4 times)
    No pressure, no pressure from me baby
    ĎCause I want you
    And I need you
    And I love you
    Will you be there for me
    Can you stand the rain (6 times)

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    Canít let her go

    I canít let her go, I canít let her go
    ĎCause I need the love she gives to me
    I canít let her go, I canít let her go
    And she knows that we were meant to be

    First time I saw her
    Thought that I would lose my mind
    Just had to have her
    I had to have her (all mine)

    The way you make me feel
    Is like no other feeling I ever had before
    You give me the kind of loviní
    Make a brother wanna come for more
    Sheís the one I adore


    Just canít believe it
    Sheís got me open all the time
    She knows Iím never leaviní
    Canít be wrong
    ĎCause it feels so right

    The way you make me feel
    Is like no other feeling I ever had before
    You give me the kind of loviní
    Make a brother wanna come for more
    Sheís the one I adore


    No one can do what you do
    When you do what you do to me
    And I canít believe
    Can it be that itís me
    That youíre feeliní
    Itís ecstasy


    No one can do what you do
    When you do what you do to me
    And I canít believe
    Can it be that itís me
    That youíre feeliní
    Itís ecstasy 

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    Baby címon

    Are you down, say youíre wit it
    Let it go, I know youíre feeling me
    Donít try to fight it
    Iím gonna help you find the way
    Baby címon, baby címon, baby címon

    Baby, canít you see that heís
    No good
    Honey, he donít treat you like he should
    Baby I know just what to do to make it right
    Let me lead you to the best love
    That you ever had in your life

    So baby when you feel the need
    Donít you hesitate to reach right out and call me
    Iíll supply your everything
    Make it so good for you
    That youíll end up falling in love with me


    Sister, youíre the finest thing I know
    He gotta be crazy
    To think of ever letting you go
    I know you want me to ease the pain you feel
    I got a plan girl
    Just take my hand and follow me

    To a place where you can be
    All the things you couldnít be
    When you were with him
    I got all the qualities
    That a man would need
    To make you end up falling in love with me

    Girl, I know you wanna be with me
    So baby címon
    Girl you know that I can
    Set you free
    So baby címon
    Iíll supply your every need

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    Come on

    Do you really wanna rock tonight
    Come on come on come on come on
    And if you feel that the vibe is right
    Come on come on come on come on
    Say you really wanna get your body tonight
    Come on
    We can dance if you wanna dance
    All night come on come on

    We can clear the floor tonight
    And so much more tonight
    Iím feeliní so good
    Wanna dance the night away with you
    Hey DJ, play my song
    Wanna party all night long
    If you feel what Iím feeling donít be scared to join in
    Come on


    Girl, Iíve been peeping you
    And youíve been peeping me
    Baby letís not waste any more time
    (Cause I know you want to)
    Got real close to me
    Cause we felt so easy
    The way you move your body looks so fine, fine
    (You got me hypnotized)
    The way you look into my eyes
    And how you wear your hair
    And oh the stylish clothes you wear
    When you walked in the room
    I knew that it was on
    And I hope that this feeling
    Goes on and on, come on


    If you wanna dance
    Come on and take a chance
    If you wanna dance with me
    Do you wanna move
    I can make you move
    Do you wanna move with me
    With me


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    All Night Long

    You say the things you feel are right
    But I feel those things are wrong
    And for that we fight
    All night long
    If you knew all the thing I knew
    Walked a mile inside my shoes
    It could make our love
    Flow all night long.

    Verse 1:
    There you go
    Trippin' on the things I say
    Cause things ain't going your way
    Friends say I should leave
    But love forces me to stay
    I try
    Try to give you all of my time
    Still I feel denied
    And when we fuss and fight I keep askin' myself, why

    1st bridge:
    Every single day I pray
    That we can make things right
    Cause when it seems we're going somewhere
    Problems seem to arise
    What must we do
    Do to make each other see
    This relationship should be
    All about me for you
    And you for me.


    Verse 2:
    Whats the deal
    Do you ever feel the things I feel
    I try to keep our lovin' for real
    Even when it seems we don't see eye to eye
    You know
    I never wanna see you go
    Cause you're the best I've ever known
    So tell me just how long it's gonna take to be

    2nd bridge:
    Happy every day and every night
    Just like we should
    Cause to be happy with you all my life
    I know I could
    What must I do,
    Do to make you trust in me
    Is that a possibility
    Don't you know that it hurts me
    When we disagree


    Baby today
    We'll put the past behind
    Lets not waste no time
    We can do it
    Ooh all night
    I like it when you do things
    You do to me all night


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    Human II (Donít turn your back on me)

    I know this was my fault but
    How much should it cost
    To make things right
    Do I have to pay for life
    We all fall short sometimes
    And Iím guilty of that crime
    But I just wanna make you see
    That you can still believe in me

    I know, I made mistakes
    I am what I am
    Iím only a man
    So donít take my joy away
    Donít turn your back on me

    Speak to me, let me know how you feel
    If you feel like you can hold on and be strong
    I will never leave you lonely
    I cry sometimes Ďcause I make you cry
    And that ainít right
    I wonít make the same mistake twice
    Baby please forgive me

    No I canít erase the wrong Iíve done
    But I hope you can give me another chance
    ĎCause if you were me you would want the same
    And Iíd give that chance to you



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    To the limit

    Iíll rub your back, wash your hair
    Iíll do anything, I donít care
    Iíll cook your food, buy your clothes
    To the limit I will go
    I will go

    I guess you wonder where Iíve been
    Iíve been thinking Ďbout the perfect way
    To express my thoughts within
    You mean everything to me
    And I wanna be the only man
    To supply your needs


    I await your precious kiss
    Gets my head when they spread sweet and wet
    Across my lips
    I respond to every single touch
    Got me open on your love
    Wanna give you so much


    The things I do for you
    Take you out for a night on the town
    And after Iíll run you some bath water
    With some bubbles
    Do you like bubbles
    Iíll dry you off
    And lotion your body down
    Youíd like that, wouldnít you
    Iíll do anything you want me to
    You know I donít care

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    Dear God

    Dear God, itís me again
    I am so far from where I could have been
    Dear God, I would be incomplete
    But you came and touched my life in time of need
    So Iím thanking you for all youíve done
    And for sacrificing your only song

    Thatís why Iím writing you this letter
    To let you know that I love you
    Thank you for all that I am and for being a friend
    Lord, my love for you will never end

    Dear God, itís Shawn this time
    Iím so grateful for the way youíve changed my life
    Iíd give all I have, Iíd just throw it all away
    For a chance to walk with you through Heavenís gates
    Thatís why Iím thanking you for your love and your grace
    I donít deserve these blessings that you give me


    Dear God, as a humble man I come to you like a child
    Needing your knowledge, your love, and your guidance, Lord
    Thank you for trusting me with my own lifeís decisions
    But Iím just a man, and I donít deserve
    This incredible life that youíve given me
    I love you Lord, I love you

    Dear God, itís me Wanya
    Iím so sorry, so sorry for living for me
    But I promise from this day on Iím liviní for you
    ĎCause without you my life means nothing


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