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Album: THE DAY


1. Every Time I Close My Eyes
2. Talk To Me
3. I Said I Love You
4. Whem You Body Gets Weak
5. Simple Days
6. All Day Thinkin'
7. Seven Seas
8. The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)
9. How Come, How Long
10. This Is For The Lover In You

    every time i close my eyes

girl it's been a long, long time comin'
but i, i know that it's been worth the wait
it feels like springtime in winter
it feels like christmas in june
it feels like heaven has opened up
its gates forme and you
and every time i close my eyes
i thank the lord that i've got you
and you've got me too
and every time i think of it
i pinch myself 'cause
it don't believe it's true
that someone like you
loves me too
girl i think that you're truly somethin'
and you're, you're every bit of
a dream come true
with you baby, it never rains
and it's no wonder
the sun always shines when i'm near you
it's just a blessing that i have found
somebody like you
to think of all the nights
i've cried myself to sleep
you really oughta know
how much you mean to me
it's only right that you be
in my life right here with me
oh baby, baby
what must i say to you
to get inside your head
why must you always think
i wanna get in your pants
and why i always gotta be
the closest thing to wrong
sometime the only thing a brother need
he need a woman to be strong
well i ain't cryin', i ain't cryin'
done 'bout run out of tears
but you're the closest thing to heaven
i need you to be near
hear me darlin', hear me darlin'
i can't make it more clear
the only thing that's gonna get me through
is if i got you right here
ooo girl, talk to me
you're the only one that comforts me
my only reality is i want you for my woman
ooo girl speak to me
let me hear you sayin' that you're
stayin' with me
i know my reality is without you
i ain't nothing' at all
why does everything i say to you have
to be suspect
feel like the only wayi'll get with you
somethin' blows off my head
well i ain't tryin' to go out like that
i wanna keep myself clean
sometime the only thing a brother need
he need the strenght from his queen
i ain't lyin', i ain't lyin', done 'bout
run out of time
the only time i wanna do right now
is feel you by my side
hear me darlin', hear me darlin'
i can't be more sincere
the only thing that's gonna get me through
is if i got your right here
well i said everything's gonna be all right
when you stand by my side
gonna work things out tonight
we're gonna make out just fine
for once i'd like for you to be
the one who has the faith in me
and i promis i won't
let you down this time
baby come to me
i will chase your tears away
put your trust in me
girl i swear i'll never change
darling you will see
that my love is here to stay
i promise you, i will be true
from here and now, forever girl i
i said i love you
i said i care
when i tell you i love you
it means i always will be there
i'll never leave you
i ain't goin' nowhere
when i tell you i love you
cross my heart i will be there
open up your heart
don't be afraid to love again
we can take it slow
you should konw i understand
baby take your time
and i don't care how long it takes
'cause i promise you, i'm here for you
from here and now, forever girli
and i will be there
(and i will be there for you)
forever sincere to you
(girl i'll always care for you)
i just wanna share my life with you
right here, right now, forever girl i
tonight i'm gonna hold you
i'm gonna touch you, and lay you down
tonight i'm gonna kiss you
i'm gonna taste you, all the way down
tonight you don't have to be lonely
you need only to call me,
and i will be down
when your body gets weak
and you need some affection, oh baby
i'll lay you down
when your body's in need
and you need some attention, oh lady
i'll lay you down
tonight when i've been inside you
i'll lay down beside you, and stay all night long,
yes i will
tonight i just want you to teach me
girl i just wanna please thee
so just lets' get it on baby
tonight there be no intermissions
i have only one mission
that's turning you on
tonight you don't have to be lonely
you need only to call me
and i will be down
i was born on the northside of a
midwestern town
there was nine of us living in a
three bedroom house
didn't have much money, but we made do
'cause momma worked all day long,
and daddy did too
did all they could,
made sure we had clothes and food
went to public schools and we
followed public rules
we used second hand books, but oh
i didn't mind the books
momma taught us early in life, everybody's gotta
struggle sometime
bring back those simple times of yesterday
when a man was a man
and a friend was a friend
bring back those simple times of yesterday
when you said what you meant
and you meant what you said
had a friend named bobby,
who always kept his word
we went throught schoolyard fights
had a thing for pretty girls
didn't cost much money to
see the picture show
so we hopped the bus into town,
that's where all the girlies used to go
fifty cents would buy us popcorn for two
'cause bobby's girl, she worked there and some-,
times she'd break the rules
picnics i the summer,
wouldn't wake up 'till noon
and evern though bobby's gone now,
i can still hear him laugh
in the middle of june
sometimes i sit, i wonder
i reminisce, i thikn of all the good times
that we had in our lives
sometimes i can't get over
how wouderful those days were
back in our lives
simple days for simple times
you get inside of me and i don't even
(know how to act, girl)
you have synergy that gets in me that's
(that's better than sex)
when we get inimate it's got to be as
(as good as it gets)
and i just can't wait to get home
your sexuality it smothers me and
(and less i forget)
my own reality is fantasy it's
(i just got to admit)
that i desire you and think of you like
(like all thru the day)
that i just can't wait to get home
girl i be
all day, all day, all day
all day thinkin' about you
i be
all day, all day, all day
all day dreamin' about you
you are the good in me, the bad in me
(the love of my life)
you are the up in me, the down i me
(the love of my life)
and you are there for me to care for me
(at the end of each day)
and i just can't wait to get home
your sexuality, it captures me
(and blows me away)
that i must think of thee at least a thousand
(a thousand times a day)
sitting by the windows,
all day thinking of you
watching the days go by, i started to cry
but they weren't tears of sadness,
they only meant i love you
and i wanna tell you girl that, oh, i
i'll travel 'round the seven seas for you
it's written in the melody i adore you
i wrote my love a symphony
to show you there's nothing i won't do
baby i'll walk around the china wall
for you
if there's a way i'll do it all for you
anything you want me to, you know
i would do
people think i'm crazy, they say
i'm just a nothing
letting my life pass me by,
believing you're with me
well i can't speak for no one,
but in my heart i know you love me
and that's why i'll always tell you i,
oh i, oh i, oh i
do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do
do do do do do do
twas late december the news came
and i got so excited, i cried all day
and you were such a lovely, precious sight
when i saw our baby in your eyes
it was like falling deep in love
it heard the angels cry above
i felt a blessing straight from god
the day that you gave me a son
i called 'about everyone i knew
just think, i'll be a father 'cause of you
there's no greater love than what you gave
a brand new baby on the way
oh such tears of joy, i've never known
i can't remember
it's like a song, i've never heard
i've never sung, but know the words
there was a girl i used to know
she was oh so beautiful
but she's not here anymore
she had a college degree
smart as anyone could be
she had so much to live for
but she fell in love
with the wrong kinda man
he abused her love and treated her so bad
there was not enough education in her world
that could save the life of this little girl
how come, how long
it's not right, it's so wrong
do we let it just go on
turn our backs and carry on
wake up, for it's too late
right now, we can't wait
she won't have a second try
open up your hearts
as weel as your eyes
she tried to give a cry for help
she even blamed things on herself
but no one came to her aid
nothing was wrong as far as we could tell
that's what we'd like to tell ourselves
but no! it wasn't that way
so she fell in love
with the wrong kinda man
and she paid with her life
for loving that man
so we cannot ignore,
we must look for this signs
and maybe next time we might save
somebody's life
(repeat first verse)
talkin' 'about makin' love
i will love you any way baby any way
'cause i'm that kind of man
i will give you everything baby,
give you more than any girl can stand
check it
word is bond
born god
check it out
word up son
what's the deal baby
i will love you any way baby any way
and every way i can
'cause i'm that kind of man, yeah
i will give you everything baby,
give you more than any girl can stand
i'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby, baby
i'm talking about making love in the shower
at least an hour
and let you dangle in my arms
'cause love is power
can you feel it the sky's the limit
once you reveal it
your heart was wounded
god sent me to heal it
on a mission ain't no stree love
touch you with precision
just undress love
i know the right position
come on trust me girl
throw this rock up on your hand
i'll give you the world
hey yo face
on the real
was the honey looking laced
ooh baby baby baby
this is for the lover in your
this ring means i'll always be true
this is how we'll start love anew
this time it's gonna last forever
i will love you all the way baby, girl that means
this love will never end
i'll be your lover and your friend
i will take you anywhere baby just say when
and girl i'll take you there
i'm gonna take you baby, baby, baby, baby
we're going from tahiti to france
to italy in one night
drop top bentley coupe parked in the spotlight
and you can drive it laced in all white
i'm wearing triple black
our gear is top flight
trips to venice
the man of steel when i'm in this
a match made in heaven
when we blend this
lovers everlasting
in other words endless
to love any other man
would be senseless
hey yo face
what's up, on the real
was the honey looking laced
ladies and gentlemen howard hewett
bridge (hewett)
see i never met a girl no, no
swho satisfied my mental and physcial thing
when i lay me down to sleep and i rest assured
with the thought that you are right,
right nex tot me
you know what i'm saying baby
word is bond
i'm feelin' it
no doubt about ti you know what i mean
uh lookin' hot girl
yeah i'm feelin' you boo
you know what i'm sayin' i sear
there's a lot of things i want to do to you
but first you gotta take this ring
drop it
so much love between us
i'll be the one to come running,
be the one to come running
i'll come running home to you now,
. home to you my baby
with a woman like you
i don't need to play around
oh, you're more than just one woman
you blowin' my mind with the love
that you givin'
i wanna hear you say it girl just say it
girl everyday


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