A Woodlief Family Genealogy: North Carolina

 These genealogical materials have been compiled by Ann Woodlief, drawing largely from materials collected by Elizabeth Anne Taylor Kerman and Pearl Woodlief Blackley. Associated files are the Woodlief Family: British Ancestry and Woodlief Family: Colonial Virginia
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Thomas Woodlief (--ca. 1808, Granville Co NC) and --- Carr

Thomas served in Captain John Glover's Company under Colonel William Eaton in 1754 with his brothers George, Littlebury, and William (enrolled in Indian War against Seminoles?) He had come to NC by 1750 with his brothers. A deed is recorded for 220 acres on n. side of Tar River on Buffalo Creek, 5/13/1762; this was the homeplace called Berkeley (foundation ruins still exist?).


Phillip [Woodley/Woodliff], -1877, m. Polly Washington: Robert Gaston, m. Sallie Perry 1869: Fanny {Gargas}, Caroline {Saunders}, Susan {Harris}, Robert Gaston, m. Charity Frazier, Willis Spirus, m. Van Delia Perry; (d. 1877). Robert Gaston Jr. had eleven children: Rancher, Robin W., Sallie, Minnie, Ramen, Florence, Mollie, Albbert, Learner, William, Thurman.

Thomas, married, 4 children, killed in Revolutionary War. In 1791 certificate attests that he enlisted for 2 1/2 years in Capt. Jacob Turner's Company in the Third Regiment of NC troops; he received only 3 pounds for his service (upon enlistment).

John, m. Mollie Cooper  (see below) 


John Woodlief {Woodliff} (1765 NC-ca. 1849 Granville Co. NC) and Mollie Cooper (1760 NC-)

They were married 9/5/1786 Granville Co. NC.


Patsy, m. --- Bobbitt: Claiborne (+)

Sallie, m. --- Parrish 1846: Charles (+); m.2 William Mitchell

Sarah (Savory?)

John Jr., m. Ann Powell (see below)

Cornelius (1801-74), m. ca. 1820 Lucy Powell (1805-80): [family graves in Kittrell: Cornelius 1819-1875; Lucy 1822-1878]

Marcus Cooper m. 1879 Laura Moss (:Lucy Minnie m. Aldridge Edward Woodlief, Candance, Elizabeth m. Harry Finch, Mark m. Myrtle Stainback, Wortham, John, Sallie m. Allie Overton, Thomas C. m. Beulah Moore);
Thomas Corneliu
s (1828-1904) m. Beulah Moore;
Jonathan Earl
y (1832-1913) m. 1873 Mary Catherine Moss;
David H
. (1830-1910)
k m.1852 Hester Ann Edwards;
Mary Elizabeth
m. 1840 John Woodlief (son of Littlebury);
Caroline (1865?-1905);

Benjamin (b. 1798), m. Mary (Molly) Parrish: Irving m. 1856 Ann Elizabeth Edwards (: Orbeam, Lucetta, Molly, Eugene, Hugh, Hugh, Emmett Esedore, Zina Orestes); John B. (Jack) m. 1866 Mary Hight & Caroline T. Keith; Nathaniel m. 1864 Roberta H. Edwards, m. 1871 Maria Hight; Mary Frances m. 1858 John Hedgepeth; Sallie m. 1853 James Hedgepeth; Margaret m.1855 William D. Davis; Benjamin H. (Bert) m.1865 Mary A. Stauton 


John Woodlief Jr. (1795 Granville Co. NC-1861 Henderson NC) and Ann Powell (1813-1893)

They were married 20/11/1832 in Granville Co. She was the daughter of Edwin Powell and Eliza York, m. 15/7/1799. Siblings were Lucy, m. 1820 Cornelius Woodlief, Temperance m. 1824 James O. Hunt, William, Barbary, m. 1826 Jonathan Hunt, Patsey, Edwin, m. 1833 Lishe Leeman, George, m. 1836 Quincy Strickland, Hillard, Archy, m. 1830 Arrebella Bobbitt, Judge, m. 1835 Mary Garrott. John and Ann were charter members of Union Chapel. Both are buried in Vance Co. where Owens Rest Home is now.


William Hilliard, m. Amy Abigail Overton 7/4/1862 (see below)

James (b. 1837; d. 1863 Civil War at Gettysburg), m. ca. 1860 Mary Jane Flynn

George S. (1838-1863, died Civil War)

Benjamin Thaddeus (1841-1929), m. 1867 Lucy C. Perkinson (1852-1939):

Pherniner m. 2/18/1890 Wm. Hight [:Jewel, m. Thurston Jackson; Mabel, m. John Marshall Barnes; Enoch];
m. 4/11/1900 Georgiana Grissom {:Metrice, m. R. R. Patterson;Rosalie, m. Austin Carter];
John Arch
m. 6/2/1895 Annie Smith [:Horace, m. Thelma Stone; Baxter, m. Reba Satterfield;Charlotte, m. O. May; Thad, m. 1 Margaret Elbugton, 2 Faye Kittrell; Paul Dee, m. Jeanette Brown];
m. 8/6/1912 Cora Garrett [:Stuart, m. Evelyn Pace];
Carrie Eva
m. 4/10/1904 George Staunton [:Joseph Graham Staunton];
m.12/18/1918 Laura Smith;
Emma Vashti
m. 2/17/1907 Abner Smith [:Phyllis Katherin, m. Coton Edward King; Austin; Eleanor Burton; Joseph Swindell, m. Mary Burke; Mildred; Warren, m. Betty Allen Harris]; Lois; Ila m. 12/8/1906 Stephen Fields:Stephen, Benjamin, Stanley, Charles, Fred, Gerald}

Eliza Jane (1844-1929), m. William Breedlove

Harriet Elizabeth (1848-1930), m. Charles Goodson 

John Henry (1851-1914), m. Ellen Perkinson (1854-1917)

Mary Frances (1854-1932), m. James Goodson: James Howell, Cassie Hurley [Pace]

Note: Here is a letter from James and George from Camp near Rocky Mount Va, January the 12th, 1863:

Dear Mother I sent my Self this Evening to let you know that I & George is well at Presant I hope that these few lines may fine you all enjoying the same good blessings I have no news of importance to write you at this time. I think I have got the mumps. We got our cloes to day but have not got our tents yet and are still out doors we heare write smart talk of peace now & I hope this ware will soon be over for I am tired of it Write me word what was the matter with James Overton & John Merritt We have been marching ever since the 14th day of december & are now in two miles of Rocky mount & I hope when we leave heare we will go home give my love and best respects to all the family reserve a portion of it your self and tell William if the conscription does not get him he must come out and see us So I will close yose truly B. T. Woodlieff



William Hilliard Woodlief (23/11/1835-12/7/1908 Vance Co. NC) and Amy Abigail Overton (2/6/1839- 31/3/1915)

They were married 7/4/1862 in Vance Co. NC.  Amy Abigail was the daughter of James Overton (ca. 1795/1800-before 28/7/1848) and Jane Merritt (ca. 1800-before 1880), daughter of Benjamin Merritt, married. 12/9/1822. William and Abigail are buried at Union Chapel. His stone reads "He was a kind husband, a fond father, a friend to all." Hers reads "Gone but not forgotten" and she is named as Abigail G.


Aldridge W. (27/5/1879-6/18/1929), m. Lucy Minnie (1885-1958) 11/2/1909: Lessie, Kenneth, Eleanor, Theresa m. Fred Keith (:Shirley [Frazier], Betty [Frazier] , Mildred [Ross]]

Ida Jane (b. 23/12/1873), m. Norman P. Lowry 18/6/1935

James Moses (b. 31/7/1863), m. (1) Mary McKone 12/1/1887:
         Pearl (29/10/1888-6/10/1979), m. Oscar Blackley, Edgar (d. 1952);
          William Edgar (1895-1952), m. Reba Colon Lee: Pearl Lee (1931-), m. E. Roscoe Orr (30/12/1927-11/12/1995): Susan          (1950-) m. 1 Terrel Sharron, m. 2 Ed Rexrode;
William Roscoe (1955-), m. Alice Lynn Musselman (1953-): Craig Alex (1981-),,          m. Rebecca Shaffer: Makayla Elizabeth (2006-), Nathan James (2009-); Katherine Lee (1984-), m. M. Matthew Brunnegraff; Philip Christopher (1987-)
m. (2) Pattie Lou Hight 10/10/1900: Ethel [Saunders], Marvin Johnson (6/8/01-14/8/52), Vashti [Freeman]

Arthur Sherman, m. Della J. Lowry (see below)

Lula Anne (10//81867-9/10/1946), m. John William Hedgepeth

John Plummer (b. 27/5/1879), m. Annie Hight 15/11/1899: Beatrice, Ricky, Elmo, Brooks, Doris, Hazel, Pauline, Blanche, Ruby [Falkner]


Arthur Sherman Woodlief (23/2/1865 Kittrell NC-14/3/1908 Kittrell NC and Della J. Lowry (18/8/1875 Franklinton NC-28/3/1958 Henderson NC )

They were married 21/2/1892 in Franklin Co.. NC. She was the daughter of Sandford Presley Lowry/Loury (1827, Franklin-)  and Arabella Winston (born 1/10/1835, Franklin NC, to Benjamin Winston, 1804-, & Elizabeth Hendley, 1808-) married 30/10/1850 in Franklin. Arthur and his brother, J. Moses, owned a store in Kittrell. He is said to have been a "man of integrity, kind and considerate of others, quiet and unobtrusive in manner, courteous and obliging, industrious and attentive to duty and uncomplaining." He died of pneumonia and is buried with Della at Union Chapel.


Frederick Plummer Sr. (11/4/1893-19/11/1974 Richmond VA), m. (1) Sallie Turner Stone: Frederick Plummer Jr. (b. 14/1/1917), m. (2) Christine Cook

Guy Forrest Sr., m. Mabelle Godshall (see below)

Elna, 1900-01

Lallie, 1903-04

Arthur Sherman Woodlief Jr. (23/6/1908-21/8/1990) m. Edna Omega Wallace 


Guy Forrest Woodlief Sr (29/12/1898 Kittrell NC-19/4/1975) and Mabelle Louetta Godshall (12/2/1898 Montgomery Co PA-25/11/1970)

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