The Wilhoit Family

 This information has been compiled by Ann Woodlief. Please e-mail atawoodlief@yahoo.com if you wish to copy, amend, or add. Much of this material came from" The Germanna Record 13 (1971), Before Germanna by Johni Cerny and Gary J. Zimmerman (1990),The Kentucky Shakers, Julia Neal (21977), Letters from a Young Shaker, ed. Stephen J. Stein (1985).
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History of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

Judith Wilhoit Peak was the daughter of:

Tobias Wilhoit (5/10/1750 Orange Co VA--7/1/1839 Pleasant Hill KY) and Mary (Polly) Shirley (1/4/1755-21/1/1844 Pleasant Hill KY)

Tobias was a Revolutionary War soldier (as noted on monument in Harrodsburg, KY). Mary was the daughter of James Shirley (b. 1735 or 39, England, served in Va. militia in Revolution) and Judith Garriott, daughter of Moses Garriott (French Huguenot). Much of the family (Judith was already married) moved to the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill, KY around 1806, converting after being impressed by the piety of two Shaker brothers who came to buy salt. Abram, Betsy, Desire, Lewis, Rhonda Ann, Nathaniel, Patsy, Polly Jr., Polly Sr., and Tobias {Wilhite} are all buried in the Shaker graveyard.


Nathaniel (28/8/1773-17/10/1871)
Abraham (Abram) 97/1/1774-10/1/1851): Abram became a trustee of Pleasant Hill and was named in the suit for property (Gass & Bonta vs. Wilhite and others, 1827-28)

Judith (4/12-/776-14-10-1824)

Catherine [Troutman]

Rhoda Ann (1783-1849)


William Mason


Mary [Bailey]

Nancy [Rush]



Elizabeth (Betsy): Betsy accompanied Mother Lucy to Union Village, Ohio in 1827.

Tobias Wilhoit was the son of:

Matthias Wilhoit and Mary Ballenger

They were married around 1744 and lived in Culpepper Co. He married Hannah in 1772 after Mary died. He moved to Orange Co. NC around 1781.












Matthias Wilhoit was the son of:

Johann Michael Wilhoit (Willheit) (25/1/1671 Schwaigern, Württemberg-1746 Orange Co VA) and Anna Maria Hengsteler (chr 10/9/1684 Oberbaldingen Baden)

Johann was first married to Anna Dorothea Müller (died in childbirth) with children Maria Dorothea, Hans Michael, Hans Georg. He married Anna Maria 16/2/1706. Anne Maria was the daughter of Matthias Hengsteler and Maria Müller. (-1688) Matthias, chr. 24/2/1654, m. Maria 7/10/1684, d. 4/1/1693. was the son of Hans Hengsteler (-1699) of Oberbaldingen and Maria Küntzler (-1675, daughter of Martin Küntzlin and Agnes); he was son of Thoman Küntzlin (b. ca. 1555) and Catharina). Maria was the daughter of Barthlin Müller (1630-1-28-1688) and Salome, daughter of Sebastian Metzger of Altdorf, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He was the son of Sebastian Müller (ca. 1585 Pfohren, Baden) and Maria. Sebastian was the son of Sebastian Müller (b. ca. 1550 at Pfohren) and Anna, daughter of Peter Sulzmann

The family came with the Second Germany Colony, Evangelical Lutherans who left Germany 12 July 1717 en route to Pennsylvania. Their ship captain was detained in London, imprisoned for debt, and their food supplies dwindled as they waited, with several dying of starvation at sea. They were landed not in PA but all 100 passengers were taken up the Rappahannock and sold as indentured servants to Spotswood to pay for their passage and their belongings were confiscated. Eight years later Spotswood sued to force them into another year of service. He is listed with second group of patentees in 1728 for 289 acres in present Madison County to Hebron Valley near the Robinson River (and next to land granted his wife's brothers, Nicholas, Matthias, and Balthasar) and was naturalized in 1736. Their church, the Hebron Lutheran Church, still stands.

For context of their immigration, see The Great Palatine Migration. Tobias and John Wilhoid, natives of the Electorate of Mentz were naturalized Oct. 19, 1745.


Anna Catharina (b/d 1707)
Tobias (1708-62) m. Catherine: Michael, Conrad, Jesse, William, Mary [Broile]

Hans Michael (1711-12)

Johannes (1713)

Johann Christian (1715-) , m. Margaret Weaver

(the first five children were all born in Germany)

Adam (1719-)

Eva (1723-)m Nicholas Holt

Matthias (1721-)

Phillip (1725-)m. Rachel

Johann Michael Willheit was the son of:

Michael Willheit (9/9/1645 Schwaigern) and Anna Maria Rüfflin (-- 27/12/1689)

They married 3/11/1668. He is recorded as "Great Caretaker of the Poor." Anna Maria was the daughter of Martin Rüfflin (1623-after 1686) and Barbara Bartenschlag (b. 1617 to Matthias and Catharine Bartenschlag, tubmaker) , m. 7/4/1647, d. 8/16/1660): 7 children. Martin was the son of Johannes Rüfflin (1606-) and Barbara Kneer (daughter of Jacob Kneer) ; Johannes was the son of Johannes Rüfflin (Rüffle) (1580-) and Anna Eberman.

Michael married Anna Barbara Nellinger in 1690: Christian, Matthias


Anna Maria
Johann Michael





Johann Georg


Anna Maria

Michael Willheit was the son of:

Johann George Willheit ("Schwarz-Georg") (25/4/1610-13/11/1685) and Barbara Lutz (--31/7/1674)

They were married 12/7/1640. She was the daughter of Hans Lutz and Anna Flamm (daughter of Johannes Flamm) of Schwaigern. He was recorded as "Gerichtsverwandt" [Court Official].


Anna Elisabeth








Johann Willheit was the son of:

Georg (Jerg) Willheit (ca. 1580-19/8/1623) and Anna Bickel (--19/4/1637)

They married 3/4/1605.

Children: Anna, Johann, Martin

Georg Willheit was the son of

Georg Willert ("Old Georg") (ca 1550--between 1611-17 (?)