A Smith Family Line

These genealogical materials have been compiled by Ann Woodlief. Please email at awoodlief@yahoo.com if you wish to copy or correct. 

Major John Smith & Anne Bernard (1636-)

Major Smith was Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1657 (from Warwick County). He voiced the refusal of the House to accept the order of dissolution by Governor Mathews. He married Anne Bernard around 1652.

Anne Bernard [see Ancestors and Descendents of Francis Bernard] was the daughter of Richard Bernard (1608-1650) of Petsworth, Buckinghamshire and Anne Corderoy (1622-1670), daughter of William Corderoy of Chute, Wilts. England and Bridget Goddard, daughter of Edward Goddard of Woodhay, Southampton Co. William Cordray's father was Thomas Cordray of Chute (m. James Coxwell), who was son of Thomas Cordray of Chute (m. Jane Sennore), who was son of Thomas Cordray of Chute (Wiltshire), gem. Jane Gray.The Cordray coat of arms is :Sable, a chevron or between two mullets of the second in chief and a lion passant ducally crowned of the second in base within a bordure of the third.

Anne Bernard was the heir to "Purton," first house built for a white family in Gloucester Co. on York River, on Purtan Bay located not far from Werawocomoco, probable former residence of Indian Chief Powhatan (where Captain John Smith was held captive by Powhatan and Opechancanough and "saved" by Pocahontas). Mrs. Bernard, her mother, built the first church in the county, Petsworth Episcopal. John Wise says this Bernard family is the same as that of Tottne, Devonshire, the arms of which are: "Azure a chevron between three acorns slipped and leave or." The W&M Quarterly says the Bernard arms were a bear rampant. Mrs. Bernard was guardian of the orphans of Col. Samuel Mathews of Warwick County .

One interesting story has it that in 1663 the indentured servants in upper Gloucester secretly plotted to revolt and to murder their masters and the inhabitants of as much of Gloucester as they could. One of the servants, Birkenhead, who worked for Colonel Smith at Purtan Bay, revealed the plan and this brought him freedom and a reward. However, there is some confusion about John Smith. Was that a name that Francis Dade took as an alias? Were there two John Smiths?

Captain John Smith (1662 at "Purton," Gloucester Co VA-14/4/1698) & Mary Warner (6/1663-12/11/1700)

They were married 17/2/1680. Smith was captain of militia, vestryman of Petsworth Parish where he owned 1300 acres, a Burgess, and trustee and Governor of William and Mary College 1693-98.The registry from John and Mary Smith's family Bible is at the Virginia Historical Society Library.


  • Mildred (20/2/1681-1705) m. Robert Porteus 17/8/1700, lived in England, died in Gloucester County: seven generations later Queen Elizabeth II of England was born in her line of descent
  • Mary (29/4/1684-18/6/1684)
  • John (18/7/1685-1712 or 1714) m. Anne Alexander 1711
  • Augustine (16/6/1689-,) m. Sarah Carver 1711, lived "Shooter's Hill," Middlesex Co.: Mary, John, Sarah, Mildred, Elizabeth, Ann Susanna, Jane. Mary married Rev. Thomas Smith of Westmoreland County; their daughter Sarah married Huguenot Benjamin Dabney, who built Bellevue in King & Queen County in the late 1700s.
  • Elizabeth (25/5/1690-before 1743-), m. Henry Harrison 1708, Col. Francis Willis. Her
  • Philip (1/6/1695-1743), m. Mary Mathews 1711
  • Anne (2/11/1697-)

  • Captain Philip Smith (1/6/1695-4/6/1743) & Mary Mathews (1/8/1695-?)

    They married 9/2/1711 and lived on Fleet's Bay, Northumberland Co VA. They gave a sundial to Old Yeocomico Church, Westmoreland Co. VA which has Philip Smith's name and 1717. Philip was a vestryman at Petsworth Parish in Gloucester from 1714-1722 and the sheriff 1715 He married Mrs. Hannah Shapleigh, 16/7/1742. In his will he gave 200 pounds to each daughter and rest of his estate to son Baldwin Mathews.


  • Baldwin Mathews, m. Frances Burgess
  • Philip
  • Mary m. Jesse Ball
  • Mildred m. Thos . Buckner 175)
  • Sarah, m. George Heale
  • Elizabeth m. Henry Harrison, 4/1708
  • Susannah, m. John Lee of MD
  • Jane, m. John Chichester, John Payne
  • Anne