Morris-Walton Family Line

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Elizabeth Morris Craig was the daughter of:

Joshua Morris (c. 1753, James City Co. VA-ca. 1840) and Sally Walton (1745-ca. 1800)

Both were previously married, Joshua to Lucy (-1778) with child Mary, and Sally to Thomas Watkins of Powhatan, who died in the Revolutionary War, killed by Indian allies of the British. They had one child, Robert Watkins, who later married Elizabeth Walton, his first cousin.

Joshua helped begin 4 churches in VA, including the First Baptist Church at Richmond, and 11 churches in 9 counties of KY. He probably attended William and Mary. The first church was James City (Smyrna) Baptist in 1773 (which met in the Powder Magazine). He went to KY in 1787, selling his home on Shockoe Hill (Main St.) and holding 9 slaves; four of his brother went with him and a sister. He lived first on Elkhorn Creek, then was recommended by William Hickman to the Brashears Church and then to Shelby County Church. He also founded the Ghent Baptist Church with Hickman.

After Sally died, he married Elizabeth and then Margaret Lightfoot. "Aunt Rose," a slave of his brother, noted that he "married rich every time" causing another family historian to say he "possessed more worldly wisdom than most pioneer preachers." He was described by Spencer as "below medium height, of stout build with the tendency to corpulency, and in later years became so unwieldly as to be unable to go far from home. He was scrupulously neat in his dress and elegantly dignified in bearing....as a preacher, he "spoke rapidly, with great energy and boldness." He owned over 1500 acres on the Ohio River.

Children: John (1780-1856); Elizabeth; Samuel (1784-1791); George (1786) 

Joshua Morris was the son of

John Morris (ca 1730, James City County-ca. 1788/9) and Elizabeth Turner (-1783)

They married before 1753 . Elizabeth was daughter of John (-1797) and Mary (1709-1803) Turner who lived in James City County on a plantation of 533 acres 12 miles northwest of the courthouse at Williamsburg. Their son William Turner owned a store in Williamsburg in 1775 (according to an advertisement in the Virginia Gazette).

John Morris, descended (a significant break here) from Robert Morris who was brought to Va. by Hugh Cox of Charles City Co in 1635. He was one of the commisssioners appointed to inquire into Bacon's Rebellion. He probably was NOT related to the Robert Morris who signed the Declaration of Independence, as has been claimed.

John became a Baptist in 1773, affiliating with the James City Baptist Church. They lived on the family plantation about 8 miles nw of Williamsburg with 20 slaves; much was probably destroyed by the British forces of Cornwallis.


Turner (-1810)

Mary [Jones] (1761-1825)

John (1765-1825)

Samuel (1766-)

Susanna (1761-1822)

Henry (1768-1840)

Elizabeth {Bingley/Nance] (1772-1850)

Mildred [Ratcliff](1773-1847); she was a noted Quaker preacher

Information from Damaris Knobe's The Ancestry of Grafton Johnson (1924).

The Walton Line

Sally Walton Morris was the daughter of:

Robert Walton (7/1/1717 Prince Edward Co-25/1/1750 Cumberland Co.) and Mary (Sallie) Hughes (11/3/1724 Cumberland Co-18/12/1821)

They married in 1740. She was the daughter of Jesse Hughes and Sallie Tarleton who lived on Hughes Creek on James River above Richmond VA.


George (VA 1741-), Signer of the Declaration of Independence who settled in Savannah GA., marrying Dorothy Camber (his granddaughter was Octavia Walton LaVert, a prominent and well-known woman to whom Edgar Allan Poe wrote "To Octavia")

John (1743-), m. Elizabeth Claiborne, settled in Savannah, GA

Sally (1745-), m.1 Thomas Watkins of Powhatan Co, VA, who was killed in Revolutionary War by Indian allies of British: Robert Watkins, m. Elizabeth Walton (Robert Jr's daughter); m. 2 Joshua Morris of KY (see above)

Robert, Jr. (1748-), m. Frances Carter 

Robert Walton was the son of:

Robert Walton (-1734) and Frances

They lived in Prince Edward Co. VA 
Robert Walton was the son of:

Robert Walton

He may have been an English soldier who emigrated from Walton Parish near London. Family tradition sayshe was one of three younger sons of a Lord Walton, said to have landed in Philadelphia with William Penn in the "Good Shippe Welcome" 10/3/1682 [questionable] and lived there all his life, later converting from Church of England to the Quaker faith. He bought land in Prince Edward Co. VA in 1710 and several of his sons emigrated there.

Information from Walton's American Patriots.