Ann Woodlief's Family Histories

{See also Patterson/Parish/Roberts}
Woodlief of VA, NC
Craig of VA, KY {See also Hawkins,Peak, Wilhoit, Gregg, Owsley, Morris, Walton}
French Huguenots on the James River and Martins in Kentucky. {See also Martin, Hale/Heale, Douglas, Martiau,Tompson, Smith, Mathews, Warner, Reade}
Godshall of Montgomery Co, PA {See also Heckler, Alderfer, Benner, and Rosenberger}

Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia

Please do not download or copy without contacting me at awoodlief at I would appreciate any comments, corrections, or additions. Much of this is a compilation of other sources which I have been unable to check, so be warned--it is a work-in-progress. (aren't we all!)

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