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"Hi, I'm Rudi." Welcome to my pages. I was born in Virginia on April 8th, 2000 at Attaway Kennels.My family drove from New York State to get me because I was so special. I love it  here, especially the snow! I like to jump and tunnel in it, & when I'm looking like a snow-dog, my Mom comes after me with the hairdryer!
        I like Summer too, I have a big yard, with lots of flowers to smell, & space to play ball. I don't like the rain & won't go out in it.
      I have learned lots of  important things, & I will share them with you."
"My main hobby is playing! I know how to get my way by dropping my toys in my Dad's lap. I am very persistant, and get my way most of the time. I just love to play soccer, and I'm very good at it. I am interested in lots of things, like what's for dinner and sleeping in the big bed with my parents. They say I take up most of the room..ha ha ha! I enjoy chasing the squirrels and birds, but they seem to know how to escape! I also like watching the fish in Mom's pond, I hate to admit this, but I think I'm jealous of them."
"I have made lots of friends since I moved to town. They all have been so nice to me and bought me many toys." "I have a cousin named Rosie who lives in MD. She is a beagle mix who was rescued by John, who I guess is my human brother. I like Rosie, except when she chews up my toys!"

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