Mac's Christian Scripts and Stuff
Darryl McCollum
      Welcome!  These scripts are listed with the Christian Drama Connection Web Site under author mac1mac. Since that site is only a data base for Christian Scripts, I needed a website to store them on, so that you could access and copy those that interest you.  If you are here I guess it worked - Praise The Lord! These works are the intellectual property of the author(s) so please contact this site's administrator if you are going to use one of the posted scripts. Please feel free to use any material on this site to further the Gospel of Christ. As the Drama Ministry of First Presbyterian Church Concord grows, so will the listing of scripts and stuff.   I use the word stuff to describe that which is not quite a script but was generally used in the weekly children's message.  Puppet shows and children's stories are the stuff of which I speak and hopefully the stuff by which our children will come to know and love The Lord.
The Scripts and Stuff

Blessed Are They
- This is a monologue by the Apostle Thomas to the present day church regarding his witness and the salvation which Christ's resurrection offers. 
Difficulty - Advanced
Characters - One
Time - 3 to 4 minutes.

The Golfer- A light hearted look at the John 3:16 sign phenomena.  Incorporates a nice message of God's love with a giggle along the way. 
Difficulty - Beginner
Characters - Four, plus the choir as the golf gallery.
Time - 4 to 5 minutes

The Plagues-   Moses meets Pharoah again in this presentation of the plagues.  Works well in reader theater format.
Difficulty - Intermediate
Characters - Three, plus readers stationed through the congregation as the plagues.
Time - 5+ minutes

Missed Opportunities- A modern look at the parable of the "Treasure in the Field".  Requires strong voice characterizaton. 
Difficulty - Mixed (see Characters)
Characters - Two on stage (beginner to intermediate); One voice off stage (advanced character voice)
Time - 4 to 5 minutes.

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