lumania animals Like many other Prince’s I have a pet dragon to protect me. His name is Bradley and he is over 500 years old. He is a remarkable dragon who can breathe fire, which can be very useful in the cold winter evenings. Bradley can also fly which is pretty amazing if you think about it, as he must weigh a good ton or three and only has little wings strapped to his back. If a dragon has a cold or the flu it is best to stay away from them, mainly because when they sneeze they let out a jet of flames, as I found out- much to my expense.

Comment from Bradley the dragon

I feel that there are many toasters in captivity, which need to be freed, it is your duty to set them free. I have liberated 1000's of toasters over the years and sold them at the local market to make sure they go to good homes. With the money I make I buy turnips, lots and lots of turnip. Why?…because I love them- so there.

Lord Bradley T. Dragon



Dragon Warning

Bradley the dragon is very, very fond of toasters. He has been known to help himself to the odd one or two without asking.

If you see a dragon heading your way; it's best to hide any toasters you have in your possession. This also goes for microwaves- although I believe microwaves do not make good toast.

Bradley promises not to eat you if you're a tasty Canadian

Dragon Warning


Bradley can be found appearing on Lumania FM 

Bradley the dragon
by Steph (Wolfie)

Bradley the dragon
by Alyx (Puppy)