Animals of Lumania


Lumania animals There are many different types of animals in our land. Most can only be found here in Lumania and nowhere else on the planet.  


These animals help to make Lumania a great place to live. They contribute to the wealth of the country due to the tourist attraction they provide.

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Weird Animal
The strangest creature in our land is what we call The Weird Animal. In its natural state it is covered in bright purple fur. Over a period of time, the Weird Animal learns to change its fur colour. The more advanced of them have developed the trick of making their fur striped or any pattern they desire.

When the Weird Animal is sleeping it curls up in a big furry ball and its fur changes back to its natural purple colour. The creature is mostly harmless but they do have very sharp fangs, which they have a tendency to sink into the leg of anybody who makes fun of them. However on the whole the Weird Animal likes to play and will jump and run around trying to have has much fun as possible. It loves to be tickled and can often be found floating and splashing around on the local lake


There are many birds of all colours and sizes. There is a large population of parrots who can hold a basic conversation. They like to fly in formation, which is a very impressive sight to see.


There is a big dog which roams around in our land, its name is Buck. It is an amazing dog which can read and write, but this is a myth- no one has ever proved it. Some have however claimed to have seen it first hand. Buck can turn himself invisible at will, so many do believe he is not real. Buck enjoys eating liver and M&M's. He is very good at scaring people he doesn't like.


The Woddleworm can be found on the edge of the woods and swimming around the river, the most interesting thing about a Woddleworm is the fact they glow in the dark, each Woddleworm can glow a number of different colours of red, blue, yellow, golden, purple and silver. This is a useful thing as it can help people lost in the woods and find their way in the dark.


The Gigglepuss can be heard long before it is seen. It can normally be seen rolling around the ground in hysterics of laughter. It has a very loud laugh and has a permanent grin on its face. They love to be tickled on the belly and they will be very friendly to anyone who does this.


The Lumanian chicken is a stupid creature who tries to sing and poke its nose into other peoples business, it can be heard to call for a mate when it is feeling lonely and is in need of attention, its call sounds like 'stu stu stu'