Lumania FM
The islands hottest station

Lumania animal Lumania's first (and only) radio station has been broadcasting for many years to our island, keeping our people entertained and up to date with the nation's news.

Lumanian FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 10 days a week and it sponsored by the Toaster Company - makers of the finest toasters in the land. 


Tune in all you tasty Canadians 


lumania dragon
lumania homeland
lumania index
lumania law and order
lumania law and order
lumania prince
Monday to Friday
6am The Breakfast Show
Wake up each morning with toast and music
10am Dragon Incite
Phone the studio with your problems and let our resident dragon help you out.
12 noon The news hour
Stories from around our island, from the castle to the beach. If you have an interesting story call the studio now.

Including Bradley's beat
Recent news of Bradley's adventures minus details helpful to the police

1pm Dragon Pop
Takes you through the afternoon and brightens up your day. The happy sounds of Lumania FM
4pm Peasant Talk
Call in with your views on anything and everything
6pm Lumanian news at 6
Catch up on today's events
7pm Village music
Spend the evening bouncing to the village bands
10pm Castle rock
Late night music to stay awake to
2pm Island to Island
Ghosts and aliens and stories to freak you out
6am Wake up peasants
Start your day with who ever can wake up in time to present the show 
10am Serf studio dance music
The waltz or tango, whatever your into, dance to the cheerful sounds of Keith the monkey and his DJ posse
1pm Toaster of the world
Dedicated to the most wonderful piece of food making equipment on the planet
4pm Tea Time with Timmy
Let Timmy tell you about his day and play his favoured tunes
6pm Lumanian news at 6
Catch up on today's events
10pm Freaks and nutters
Stay indoors as the crazy people take over the airways for the next 3 hours
1am Island to Island
We couldn't afford
Ian Punnett so we nicked his show then pretend that it comes from our studios here in Lumania.