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Battlestar Galactica was one of the great images of the late 70's. The costumes were great, the battle scenes were comparable to Star Wars, and who could beat those haircuts!

It had a reasonably big impact on younger viewers and has remained a cult classic through the years. I own the DVD boxset, a few novels,a Viper and Cylon Figure, and a handful of the original comics. They are all great. I remember when I was young I only had the viper toy, and the storybook, but the memory stuck w/ me through all these years.

I remember a few years back the sci-fi channel put this series back into syndication and it came on right when I would get home from school. I would always watch it before doing home work. The movie still holds up today as a sci-fi classic, and is very enjoyable to watch.

The Television series was groundbreaking. I think Battlestar Galactica was one of the first television shows to have a huge budget at their expenses. Along with great special effects, courtesy of John Dykstra, Battlestar Galactica also had some of the best costumes at the time. The look of Battlestar Galactica was definitely original and it has not been matched in anyway.

This site is mainly for recollection, and hopefully brings back a few memories for everyone. This is my first web page and was created entirely in notepad. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to sign my guestbook!

Classic BG Videogames?

With Battlestar Galactica being widely popular in the late 70's, why not make a video game out of it?

Surprisingly there was never a classic video game put out bearing the Battlestar Galactica name. There were two games on the Intellivision game system that had a strong visual resemblence to the Battlestar Galactica Universe.

The ships in the games "Star Strike" and "Space Battle" strongly resembled Cylon Raiders. On the box covers there were also ships that resembled Colonial Vipers. In the game "Starstrike" you control a ship that looks a lot like a Colonial Viper from the back end. It is rumored that the games were developed to have the Battlestar Galactica name, but mattel didn't get the permission from MCA/UNIVERSAL until it was too late. The request was denied from UNIVERSAL. With the games already done Mattel put the games out anyway and created new stories and names.

Though the game's premises weren't derivitive of Battlestar Galactica, the look and feel of these games have an obvious similarity to the Galactica series. I own both of these games and whenever I play them it is like playing Battlestar Galactica in videogame form. Here is Box art and screenshots for both of these titles. These are both highly recommended titles if you are a classic gaming enthusiast.

Intellivision star strike screenstar strike imagespacebattlespacescreen

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My Favorite Sci-fi Movies

  • Battlestar Galactica (Of Course)
  • Dune (You have to read the novel first!)
  • Starwars Trilogy (Original)
  • Star Trek II,III,Undiscovered Country
  • The Last Starfighter
  • This Island Earth
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Invaders From Mars (both versions '53 and 86')
  • Logan's Run
  • The Time Machine (original version)
  • Alien,Aliens
  • Forbidden Planet
  • Tron


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