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Greetings, internet visiter! My name is G'dath (a.k.a. Martin in the real world.) This site is mainly dedicated to the Power Rangers, from their beginning back in the mid 90's as the Dino Era Rangers to the DinoThunder Era, 10 (aproximately) years later. Over this course in time, I have been a faithful fan. Please enjoy my site and sign my guest book. Thanks for visiting!

From Audio, Colors, Evil, and Zords; I have conpiled from memory the history of the Rangers from: Tommy and the original five to Connor and the other DinoThunder Rangers. Please teleport and "May the Power protect you!".

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Power Rangers isn't my only interist. I have many other interests as well, I am (and have been) a fan of the Transformers. My other intersts include Tri-Met, my local mass transist system, Star Trek, and K-LOVE, a Contemporary Christian Music station. They are based out of California, USA but can be heard in many of the 50 USA states and on their internet feed on their website.

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Please forgive me if some of the links in the Power Rangers section don't work. If you find an error, feel free to email me and let me know so that I can correct it. Thanks

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