Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church

442 William St., London, Ontario

Bishop Cronyn Memorial's core values speak to inclusivity.   The church treats all as made in God's image, regardless of race, gender, orientation, age, ability, nationality or economic class.   Cronyn Memorial Church is committed to standing as Jesus does with the outcast, oppressed, denigrated and afflicted, seeking justice and peace, no matter what the cost.

The congregation began in 1870 as St George's.   The building on the south-east corner of Queens Ave. and William St. was a gift from the Cronyn family to commemorate the life and work of Rt. Rev. Benjamin Cronyn, first bishop of Huron.   Construction began in 1872 with Henry Langley, a Toronto architect, drawing the plans, and was completed in Dec. 1873.   The congregation name was changed to 'The Memorial Church' and in 1955, the parish adopted the name 'Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church'.

Sunday Service: 10:30 am

Clergy are:   Rev'd Rae Fletcher
Rev'd Deacon Judy Castle
Rev'd Canon Dr. Doug Leighton.

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Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church

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