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To keep everything cool, the following guidelines are applied to all deals and the same standards will be expected of you in return. However, if something presents a genuine, substantive problem for you, send an email and we'll work it out.

We trade burned CD-R's only. The workload doesn't allow us to deal for blank discs and postage and or copying to other media.

Please be name brand CD-R's (e.g., Maxell, TDK, Imation, Mitsui, Sony). Please, please, please DO NOT USE MEMOREX discs or any unbranded or offbrand disc you bought at a computer swap meet or office supply store.

Please do not burn CD-R's at a speed greater than 8x.

Please use a post-it or slip of paper to ID each CD.

Please include a complete set list with the date and location of the recording whenever possible.

Please use a padded mailing envelope and plain paper CD sleeve to mail the CDs, and please slip a piece of paper between discs if you place more than one CD in an envelope.


FM = FM Broadcast

TV = TV Broadcast

LP = Vinyl

CA = Cassette

V = Video


CD = Compact Disc

MD = Mini Disc

LD = Laser Disc

AUD = Audience

SB = Soundboard

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