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Little Snow By Night

Welcome everyone! This game is currently in tabletop format. White Wolf Publishing owns the copyrights to the World Of Darkness we play in, but not the characters, ideas, places, or things we create. This website is in no way a challenge to those copyrights. 

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Little Snow By Night

This page is dedicated to the ongoing Storytelling game that I have been running since 1999.
Everyone is welcome to join, all they need to do is send an email inquiry to the email address below. Be aware that this is -NOT- White Wolf's World of Darkness, Little Snow By Night is an original setting (White Wolf template) and has no canon in White Wolf Publications. All things located within this "World of Darkness" are apart from the White Wolf World of Darkness.


 1/27/05- My son's birthday is tomorrow. I have attempted to restart the site with a revamp. *L* That's funny. I will be updating this page daily and hope to be hearing from everyone soon.



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We intend to make Little Snow the top interactive, original, online community for White Wolf-World Of Darkness. In this section you will find the do's and dont's, the will's and wont's; everything you need to know to survive and have fun.

Why We Restrict...

You cannot be Cain. Because everyone will want to be Cain. That doesn't mean your character(s) cannot be powerful. But its stressful to the rest when power-characters are dictator-esque.
Be creative. Be inventive. Be reasonable.
We're open to all suggestions, but we make nothing set in stone. You are granted freedom to do as you wish, but your final fate lies with us. We're not saying you have no choice.
Don't play.
But we're here to have fun. You should be too. So, follow the rules, be kind to other players, don't step on them. Out of Character, anyways.

Creatures of Little Snow and Beyond

All characters must be approved by the GM Board. All manner of creatures are acknowlegded, however, not all will be approved as RolePlay Legal . Those who have complaints should voice their logical arguments to the GM Board. And ONLY to the GM Board.

Population as of January 1998: 463,450


1849-A Native American (name: Little Snow) and a French Canadian trapper (name: unknown) settle near the Pacific Ocean on the Canada/North America border. They begin a trading post just before the gold rush.
1850- Jun Si Kao comes to the small town.
1853- In the winter the two settlers dissapear. Several years pass before the land is bought.
1854- Jun Si Kao begins a small port for smuggling in Asians seeking entrance to North America.
1857- The trading post and the land it occupied is bought by a prospector. Several members of his family and friends settle the area.
1860- African American slaves seek refuge in Little Snow. Several townspeople shelter them.
1870- Civil War refugees begin to populate the town.
1901- Jasperson Library is built.
1920- The Yu Dong Freight Yard flourishes under management by Jun Si Kao's son.
1926- The Little Snow Blizzard is founded.
1950- Jon Jacob's General Store is built.
1951- Town is officially named Little Snow. Portrait of the Native American and the French Canadian trapper is hung in City Hall.
1951- Wexler Hills Housing Project is started.
1953- Wexler Hills Housing Project completed.
1956- Jasper Colt's Grocery Store is built.
1961- Construction for St. Victor Brown Cathedral begins.
1962- Construction for St. Victor Brown Cathedral halted due to accidental deaths.
1963- Construction for St. Victor Brown Cathedral resumes.
1964- Steven Lazarus starts Lazarus Incorporated Development. Construction for St. Victor Brown Cathedral halted again, due to accidents.
1965- Construction for St. Victor Brown Cathedral resumes.
1967- Pentex Inc. funds several housing projects for several precincts. St. Victor Brown Cathedral completed.
1968- Pentex Incorporated buys Banks Island. BasteCorps is founded.
1969- Lazarus Inc. Development contracted by city to rebuild and expand the Jasperson Library.
1971- United Parcel builds a warehouse in Wexler Hills.
1976- Jasper Colt files for bankruptcy. Peter Scoletti buys the store from the seizure.
1977 Peter Scoletti tips the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the illegal immigration in the Yu Dong Freight Yard. Pentex sponsors Meadowbrook Apartments.
1978- The Scoletti Family moves to Little Snow. Peter Scoletti buys the Yu Dong Freight Yard. Jon Jacob passes away, Super Save Grocery buys the property.
1979- Meadowbrook Apartments is completed.
1981- Hyubusa Dataware International buys Prince Rupert Island. BasteCorps shuts down for reasons unknown. Pentex: Camerica Nuclear Power Plant is constructed.
1988- A blizzard sweeps over Little Snow. Most recorded: 17 feet, 9.4 inches; Least recorded: 3 feet, 8 inches.
1989- Roadhound Buslines Station is built.
1990- Super-Save Grocery becomes "Super" Super-Save Grocery. Meadowbrook Apartments complex builds Wexler Park. Lazarus Inc. Development and Marshall Adams Realty built apartment complex. Institute of Neogenetic Science built, funded by Pentex.
1991- Wal-Mart builds Sam's Club Warehouse.
1992- John Regal International Hotel begins construction.
1993- John Regal International Hotel is completed.
1995- Pentex cuts funding (reasons unknown) to the Insitute of Neogenetic Science and it is shut down.
1999- Victor Brown dies.
2000- Hyabusa Dataware International completes the SkyTower.



The World Of Darkness Behind The Curtain

The exploration team that founded the city didn't do so by accident. The French-Canadian trapper and his Native American scout found it on more than a whim, they found it on a supernatural sense.
In 1812, a powerful Wyrm creature threatened to take the caern in Little Snow (a lake, now known as Talone Lake), and the two explorers led the collected Garou to the site.
They performed a powerful rite, banishing the Wyrm creature to the deepest parts of the Umbral realms.
They started a trading post in warmer regions, close to a river that made the 45 mile trip shorter. They frequently returned to the caern to replenish the guardian spirit there, and keep the Wyrm at bay.
When the goldrush slowed in Little Snow, so did the trading post's business. Soon after, Little Snow and the French Canadian trapper simply dissappeared.
The prospector that bought the land was ghouled by a near-Methuselah Brujah, consenquently signing the papers of ownership over. Since then, the city has been his.
Vincent Hardrock (being Brujah) announced his princedom over Little Snow to the Camarilla in 1901, to little applause. They changed their tune recently with the city's development.


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