I was brought up in Kampung Tanjung Irau, a fishing village in Sembawang (somewhere in the northern part of Singapore). The kampung has long since been demolished to make way for new govt projects. 

Tanjung Irau is really a beautiful kampung and if you've watched the movie Singapura Dilanggar Todak you'd have seen my kampung .. the movie was filmed there. Quite a number of malay dramas and entertainment programmes were shot in my kampung. I could still recall watching Allahyarham Sudirman Hj Arshad singing Dari Jauh ku Pohon Maaf while rowing a boat just off the shore of Tg Irau. 

Pity my nephew and nieces they never have the chance to see what it's like to live in  a kampung. Gee .. they probably have never even seen how a chicken looks like and definitely have never fed chickens before. Hari Raya celebration to me was so much more special and enjoyable then coz my siblings and I would decorate our house and compound with tanglongs and oil lamps apart from lampu lap lip. We even would compete with our next door neighbour to see whose house is more brightfully decorated. Another aspect of kampung life which I miss most is the kampung spirit, semangat gotong-royong, which I believe is no longer upheld once people moves to living in towns and housing board estates. 

Well this page is just a short tribute to my lovely kampung ... just a reminder that once upon a time in Singapore there was a small village called Kampung Tanjung Irau. 

My old kampung house in Tanjung Irau

My late grandparents' kampung house

The following are excerpts from Pesta Puisi Di Sembawang Park  organised by Radio Warna :

Tanjung Irau Anjung papan rumah papan
Orang tua itu menguasai maya
Segar Sesegarnya
Selesa seselesanya
Dadanya terbuka mesra
Seluas sekitaran Begitu mesra kepadanya
Tanjung Irau telah sepi
Tanjung Irau malu berdiri
Pada peta sejarah manusiawi
Tanjung Irau kehilangan mercu kehadirannya
Sepi dan sendiri

Bagai lantera kian malap
Bagai kenangan datang menyelinap seketika
Bagai menggumul hari-hari Siang bercahaya lesu
Bagai meniti perjalanan Hidup penuh berdebu
Seorang tua menyulam cinta
Buat isteri dan anak-anakan manja
Seorang tua menjahit derita luka
Yang hilang di depan mata
Berikan daku Kampung Tengah yang tercinta
Berikan daku Tanjung Irau yang melayan khayal
Berikan daku Kampung Wak Hassan yang menyerah sayang
Yang menggores erti rindu Yang melukis erti cinta

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