Awakening of Love MOVED~!

I am moving it to my new site, and, due to popular demands, will be working extra hard and more on it... It's 4:30 am and i am working  on inking on pages and will hopefully have them up aswell. I will leave the pages and text that have been up for now, but i have redrawn it since my skills..changed ^..^() so YAY! MORE AWAKENING OF LOVE BETTER ART WORK AND MORE SPACE TO HOLD IT! .. since i ran outta space here x.x() so..YAY!
Expected fresh pages..lesse.. it's now wed. at the latest~!  i have people helping me so i'll def. have it done *So happy*
geocities just has to do till i find some people to host mah site and stuffs x.x

Awakening of Love has moved:
This site contains SHOUNEN AI content meaning BoyxBoy lovin! so if you dun wanna read any shounen ai stories you can either LEAVE RIGHT NOW or! You can just skipp it. I will have warnings on or around the shounen ai content stuffs. Okiday. ENJOY!
use the bar at your left to navigate through my site and please enjoy!
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