NAME: SILVER ICE-SAMA , Silver-Sama (looked around the net and noticed...there is alot of silvers in this world X,x)

REAL NAME: Amber (how unique 9,9)

AGE: 18

BIRTHDAY: October 7,1983

SEX: FEMALE I'M ALL WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR~!!!....meow.. anywhoo..yeah..

RACE: *Blinkblink* FREAK~!
EMAIL: *Cries* NOOO ihave aol nooow~! *Whimper*

ICQ: 147195810

SN:  LadySilverSama18 (aol, well DUH~!) Also my AIM names  = LadyInuyasha , Frozen Angel 234

FAV COLORS: In case you can't tell, black, light light blue and red~! ^_^ ..and sometimes green, but not just any green it has to be a nifty green like... bluish green....yeah

FAV FOOD(S): THE FLESH OF YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD~!!! NO~! nonono.....Well this is a tuffy. it varies on how i feel ...hmm.. right now. my fav food is...ONIGIRI~!

FAV SMELLS: now this has been answerd with alot of WEIRD answers (actually saw someone put down fresh farts X,x, NAAASSSTYYY~!!!) well MY fav smell is.... Lavender...and CLEAN LAUNDRY~! ^,^ You ever just dive face first into your still warm laundry ^_^ after you get to your room and onto your bed of course. NOT WHILE IT'S STILL IN THE DRYER OR IN THE BASKET~!! ....freaks...

PET(s): i older bro. i consider him a pet because he smells funny and lays around most of the time like a dog and eats a whole lot....SPOT~! my doggy spot~! (How original, ne?) He's my PRIDE n JOY~! and i love him VERY much. bad mouth him and i'll.. be really mean....THEN there's Sess (Sesshoumaru ^_^ ) Named him after Inuyasha's bro from inuyasha~! ....he's fluffy n big...but reaaaaaaally stupid..and dense... i mean really stupid. dumber than a turned off 1 watt light bulb. so dumb...but that's ok he's mommys dog, so i dun have to deal with him.

FAVE MUSIC (BANDS/SINGERS) : I usually listen to J-pop and now i'm gettin more into J-Rock. occasionally i'll listen to american music.
J-pop: i listen to such singers/bands as Ayumi hamasaki, Two-mix, Mai Kuraki, Aiko and more, but i can't think of anymore right now

(If i spell any wrong, dun yell at me, i'm just starting to listen to J-Rock)
      J-Rock: Such band/singers as Malice Mizer, Gackt (both due to TAH), X-Japan, Luna sea, Buck tick, Dir en Grey and mebbe summore but can't think of anymore right now

American: Daft punk~!!!! heh erm lets see ..NIN, creed, the late and great Aaliyah(sp?) she was a great and talented singer/actress and was on her way. she will be missed.. system of a down (LOVE chop suey) hm, alien ant farm, Kid rock, Orgy, and some others.

FAV THING TO DO: i like to make an ass of my self in public. mostly in malls. I LOVE to do random acts of stupidity. it's HILARIOUS expecially when in a crowded area. You know what's fun(ny) if you are lucky enough to have a mall nearby that has a glass elavator. stand at the back and put your face between the bars and stare at the people and give various looks (alternate looks with each load of people)

OTHER COMMENTS: You know what's weird?? THE WORD WEIRD~!!!! i shouldn't I before E ecept after C  apply? ...but no cause that'd just be weird O_o...

ADDITIONAL INFO: ok so i'll do random acts of stupidy in public, but you know what i won't do?? walk up to a employee of a store and ask how much a piece of gum costs. i am terribly shy~!!!!! i can't ask a stranger what time it is but i can run up to several strangers and yell " FOR GOD'S SAKE SOMEONE PUT OUT THE MONKEY~!!!" or yell "SUCK ME BEAUTIFUL" (and it will haunt me for the rest of my life -_-)  and run off.. weird....


MARITAL STATUS: - TAKEN - YAY ECHAN! My Lil fluff muffin! Teeheehee *Dodges his advances* lol a bit of a pervert, But i love him anyways!

Yes or no: MMMM y'know what?? |\/| ! |\| +   CH0C074+3    CH!P[]D !C3CRE@M    1$   +H3    B3$+ (isn't this a bit long for a simple yes or no answer???)

ok that's about it... should there be more?? anyways i doubt anone's actually reading this...if you are? and you wan a piccy, email me and i draw you piccy and send to you ^_^
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