Wichita  Chapter
Wichita Scottish Rite Center
332 East 1st Street
Wichita, Kansas 67203
(316) 263 - 4218
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Blue Lodge

Union Lodge # 7, Junction City, KS
Ancient Form Lodge #34, Shawnee, KS
Orient Lodge # 51, Topeka, KS
Shawnee Masonic Lodge #54, Shawnee, KS
Salina Masonic Lodge # 60, Salina, KS
Wathena Lodge # 64, Wathena, KS
Sunflower Lodge # 86, Wichita, KS
Girard Lodge # 93, Girard, KS
Lenexa Lodge # 135, Lenexa, KS
Wellington Lodge # 150, Wellington, KS
Old Mission Lodge # 153, Prairie Village, KS
Pittsburg Lodge No. 187, Pittsburg, KS
Hays Lodge # 195, Hays, KS
St. Bernard Lodge # 222, Dodge City, KS
Linwood Lodge # 241, Linwood, KS
Tyrian Lodge #246, Garden City, KS
Albert Pike Lodge #303, Wichita, KS
Hancock Lodge # 311, Fort Leavenworth, KS
Rosedale Masonic Lodge #333, Merriam, KS
Valley Center Masonic Lodge # 364, Valley Center, KS
Derby Masonic Lodge # 365, Derby, KS
Sharon Springs Masonic Lodge # 417, Sharon Springs, KS
Bestor G. Brown Masonic Lodge #433, Wichita, KS
Overland Park Masonic Lodge # 436, Overland Park, KS
Arthur H. Strickland Daylight Lodge #452, Shawnee, KS

Freemasonic Net - Amateur Radio
High Twelve International
Hirams Hams Amateur Radio Society
International Fire Fighters Masonic Square Club
International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club
International Masonic Motorcycle Association
Intermational Police Square Club
Masonic Poets Society
National Camping Travelers, Inc.
National League of Masonic Clubs, Inc.
National Sojourners, Inc.
New Jersey Police Square Club

Publications, Research Groups and Libraries

American Mason
Blue Light Publishing Company
Brother to Brother
Civil War Lodge of Research # 1865 AF&AM
Confederate Military Lodge of Research
The Cryptic Freemason
El Camino Research Lodge
The Freemasonry Network
Freemasonry Today Magazine
Frontier Army Lodge of Research
Further Light in Masonry
Institute for Masonic Studies On-Line
Knight Line News
Livingston Masonic Library
Louisiana Lodge of Research
Maine Lodge of Research
Masonic Leadership Center Research Group
The Michigan Masonic Museum and Library
Oklahoma Lodge of Research
The Masonic Service Association and Information Center
The Masonic World
Masonry & Religon
Missouri Lodge of Research
Masonic Renewal Committee of North America, Inc
The Northern California Research Lodge
The Philalethes Society
Philosophic Lodge of Research, AF&AM
The Real Secret of Freemasonry
Research Lodge of Colorado
Research Lodge of Oregon No. 198, AF&AM
The Royal Arch Mason Magazine
The Scottish Rite Journal, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA
The Scottish Rite Research Society
South Carolina Masonic Research Society
South Dakota Lodge of Research
Southern California Research Lodge F&AM
Tennessee Lodge of Research
Texas Lodge of Research, AF&AM
Dr. Charles H. Wesley Masonic Research Society
Virginia Research Lodge #1777
York Rite Crusader

Fraternal Jewelry & Supplies

ABA Fraternal Regalia
ABC Masonic & Fraternal Supplies
Acacia Graphics
Acacia Jewelry Company
Academy Sign Company
Ames Sword Company
Blue Light Publishing
Buckles Unlimited
Discount Masonic Jewelry Ltd.
Dunstan Jewellery
Fez House and Masonic Supply
Fox Jewelry
Fraternal Crafters
Fraternal Supplies, Inc.
Geo. Lauterer Corp.- Masonic Buyers Guide
Global Masonic Publications
Gordon's Masonic Rings
H. B. Mackrides & Sons Masonic Supplies
Harry Klitzner Co.
J.P.Luther, Co.
Kessinger Publishing
Lindeburg & Company
Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Company
LostWord (Books, Supplies, Regalia & Gifts)
Luxor Press
Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc.
Magic Works Fraternal Awards
Masonic Library
Masonic Wood
Master Mason Jewelry
New London Regalia Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Rosewood Designs Masonic Watches
Simpson Jewerly & Uniforms, Inc.
Wilkins Brothers, Inc.

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