U p d a t e s
+++ 03.08.2k3
+ One new member added to the clique.
+++ 02.01.2k3
+ New layout! At last, after almost five months of leaving the Clinic, I have finally updated. As for the new layout, it was based on a design from Daydream Graphics made by Miko Reznor.
+ New member at the clique section! Know more about Cielo and how Dr. Leorio had cured her!
+ Changed the clique form from email to web form courtesy of feedback.com.
+ Links added and updated.
+ Well, this is only a partial update, actually. More on the technical stuff for this one. There will be more goodies in the next update, which will most likely take place in April.
+++ 09.2k2
++ OVA screencaps at the [ gallery ] courtesy of Mikuro Kurayami.
++ New [ fic ]: Let's Stop and Talk a While by Leopika-chan. Thanks to Mikuro Kurayami for sending me the fic in behalf of Leopika-chan.
++ New layout: a more liquid design that can fit more easily into other resolutions, although not very browser-friendly because of the CSS and the Java Script. It's not as good as the first layout, appearance-wise. Thanks to my brother for helping me fix the Java Script codes on the page.
+++ 08.2k2
++ New fic, err... list on the [fics] section: Reasons to Like Leorio by Sarjhoshino
++ I'll probably change the layout on my next update. I like this one a lot, so it might stick for a while.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Dr. Leorio's Clinic, the first medical establishment on the web to cure you of any Leorio disease you may have, whatever the cause is [as long as he is the cause]. And the best part is, Dr. Leorio himself will be the one to treat your disease.

Of course, the doctor isn't always around with all the tapings he has for HxH so I, Kikiam-sama, am here to maintain the clinic to make sure it gives you the best treatment, and of course, no charges included!

A quick tour here: [about] tells us all about Dr. Leorio, his stats, history, etc. [hunter x hunter] tells us about Dr. Leorio's other job. [gallery] is the department concerned with treating problems with the eyes with pictures of Dr. Leorio. [downloads] are his prescriptions to keep you well while away from the clinic. [fanfiction] helps those who are in need of pshychological support by reading different materials to enhance the mind. [links] are other places Dr. Leorio recommends to help treat your disease. The [gbook] is for anyone who wants to leave a message for Dr. Leorio, a word of thanks, or a complaint, whatever. [main] leads you back to the entrance.

Hope you'll get well soon and enjoy. Ja ne!


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