One of the hardest jobs for a Clinic-Keeper ever is probably to scour the web for Leorio fanfics. Second is to write them. Forgive me, but I haven't seen much non-yaoi Leorio fanfics on the web yet. [For God's sake, this is a clinic! Homosexuality is minimized as much as possible. And the Keeper is quite offended by yaoi. Gomen.] I hope you'd understand.

So for the meantime, there'll only be a few fics here for your reading pleasure. I'l do my best to look for more. If you want more HxH fics, go to the hunter x hunter fanfiction archive or

On with the fics:
[ Let's Stop and Talk a While] by [Leopika-chan] [ concluded ]
Description: Meet Leorio in a different perspective...
[ drama ] [ G ] [ 1 chapter ]
[ Reasons to Like Leorio] by [Sarjhoshino] [ concluded ]
Description: 'Still think that Leorio is just another blundering idiot who comes with every anime you watch? Think again. Sarj gives you the reasons why.
[ comedy, list ] [ G ] [ 1 chapter ]
[ A Friend's Wish] by [Kikiam-sama] [ concluded ]
Description: Leorio encounters a little girl suffering from the same disease that killed his friend Pietro. Now that he has become a Hunter and a fully-licensed doctor, will he be able to save this girl, or commit the same mistake again?
[ drama, angst ] [ G ] [ 3 chapters ]

And because of the lack of fics that I'm accepting contributions! Please! Please! Please! If you have any non-yaoi Leorio fanfics there, please drop me a mail at

     ++ on the subject line, write: [clinic fic] [title] by [author]
      -->for multi-part fics, place a [1/?] tag, wherein 1 is the number of the installment your sending and ? is the total number of installments.
     ++ on the body: indicate the following:
      + title of fic:
      + author:
      + email/hompage url:
      + rating: [only g, pg-7, and pg-13 are allowed at the moment. i'm too young. ^_^;;]
      + genre: romance, comedy, etc.
      + description: [please give a detailed description, or at least indicate what's the conflict brewing in your fic... i will not accept descriptions like 'just read and see,' etc.]
      + author's notes: [whatever you wanna say...]
      + the fic attached in .TXT FORMAT ONLY or pasted on the body of the email itself.

I really don't have much in return but an instant thanks and a link if ever you have a homepage. So please... I might even accept yaoi if your fic is that good. I really need help in maintaining the Clinic. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasee!!!!!!

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