About Dr. Leorio

Okay, so who the hell is Leorio? To simply put it, he's the fourth main character of Yoshihiro Togashi's manga Hunter X Hunter. (See [hunter x hunter] for more details.) I think it'd be better of we'd explain his life like this:


May I have this dance?
Name: Leorio
Birthday: March 3
Age: probably around late teens to mid-20s
Blood Type: O
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Nen Type: Unknown... unless Togashi-sensei decides to reveal it in the later volumes of the manga.
Weapon: a kudachi, or a knife

Leorio's main ambition is to become a Hunter and cure sick children for free. This is because of a tragedy that happened some time before the story began. Leorio once had a friend named Pietro, who died of a disease that could have been cured if only they had enough money. At the same time, Leorio was a med student then, and could have finished his studies right away if only he had enough money. Leorio took the Hunter Exam to gain lots of money and cure sick children for free so the same thing won't happen again. Sounds noble, huh?
At first, the audience might see Leorio as an idiotic, hotheaded and greedy bastard who's only a few levels more handsome than his Yuyu Hakusho [Togashi-sensei's previous manga] counterpart, Kuwabara. But later on in the series, we can see that he's a lot more than that. He's also pretty smart, and he's good at negotiating things, especially at gaining money. He's also a very loyal friend, as it will be proved by the episodes of the Hunter Examinations chapter. It's just too bad that Togashi-sensei seems to base his stories on the polls conducted in Japan on who is thier favorite character [which is won by Killua, then followed by Kurapika]. That's probably the reason why until now, there is no arc in the Hunter X Hunter storyline that features Leorio. I fear that just like Kuwabara, he'd be left out in the story. Let's hope not.

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