In 1960 Cape Martin Lighthouse was established to take over for the Penguin Island Lighthouse.  Originally it only stood 4.5 meters and was raised to its present height of 12 meters because sand would pile up obstructing the view of the light.  The lantern room came from the Penguin Island Lighthouse.  The signal flashes 3 every 20 seconds.  Even though this is a modern light I found the setting and view quite lovely.  Two black dogs live atthe house next to the light and they were more than happy to take the easy hike to the lookout where you can view the Penguin Island Lighthouse ruins.  A short drive into town there is a very very long screwpile pier where the cray boats come in to unload during cray season.  The long walk out to the end is well worth it.  Click here to see pictures of Cape Martin at dusk.
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