Max (aka Devil dog from you know where)!

I adopted Max from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA. The people who brought him in said he's a min pin, but i think he's got a lil sumpin sumpin else mixed in (my guess would be chihuahua and/or some sort of terrier). He was abused by a child in his first owner's home, and his second owner returned him to the shelter after he bit a toddler visiting their home. Then, one day, I was out perusing the shelters, and fell in LOVE! He is feisty, opinionated, and thinks he's bigger than he really is...just like me! He's doing well in obedience classes and I'm working on his fear of children--so far so good!

4 November 1998

Max was neutered today, and had his rear dewclaws removed. Poor baby!!

The EVIL Max

The GOOD Max

Here are Max's friends Bailey and Kahlua, and four other doggies Max hasn't met yet, but maybe will soon! :-)




Spencer - 8 weeks



Some funny pictures bounti edited of Max :-)

Max, the original picture, Mar 00

Reindeer Max

Ballerina Max

Investigator Max

Max, Aug 2000

21 August 2000

August 1, 2000: Max got a new brother, Chibi. Chibi (whose name was PeeWee til I got him), was born on 3 Jul 99, and is a black and tan miniature pinscher. Apparently poor Chibi was neither housebroken or obediance we're working on that. He had his first trip to the vet's today, where he was fine til the mean ole vet stuck a few needles in him! He was NOT happy after that, altho he calmed somewhat for a treat or two. Max is not too thrilled sharing me with Chibi, but he's coming around...and he seems AMAZINGLY well behaved compared to Chibi!

The new addition, Chibi, Aug 2000!

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