John's Weight Loss Diary 4/13/02 Update

This page will serve as my diary of weight loss, from pre-op to post-op and beyond.

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Surgery date: 2/26/01 | Weight at surgery: 495

Date: 04/13/02 | Current Weight: 285 lbs.

Total lost to date: 210 pounds | Inches off waist: approx. 22, from 62 to 40

Current Image:

Well, I have been stuck at a plateau for a couple of months now. I am at the point where I am now pretty much "normal" I guess. Although I am not doing the things I should to ensure that I continue to lose. I haven't gone back to the gym since we moved to the new house. I really need to get refocused on losing this last 30 to 40 pounds. Part of the issue has been the fact that I have gone back to drinking alcohol kind of like I used to, not to excess per se, but more than I should, and obviously the fact that alcohol calories are empty calories is the root of the problem. I am going to make an effort to severely limit my drinking over the next couple of months and see how the weight goes.

From the food intake standpoint, the restriction is still working well, thank God, considering my drinking. If this were before the surgery, I would be packing on weight since I'd be eating like crazy in addition to drinking. Still trying to avoid most carbs, although I do have toast or english muffins once in a while now and they don't bother me like they did when I was first out of surgery.

I was recently appointed President of my support group. I am constantly updating our web site ( as we are trying to create a support community for pre and post op patients. We have a lot of before and after pictures posted of members as well as other resources. I am very proud of the work that we have done, and really love helping people who are interested in finding out about this life saving procedure. It's also therapeutic in a way to talk about my struggle openly.

We are going on vacation later this month to St. Thomas, which will be a nice break as things have been hectic with work and the foundation. It will be such a pleasure to sit comfortably in an airplane seat. Hope all is well for everyone reading this. Take care.

Some recent milestones:

That's about it for now. For more information on my surgery and how its gone, see the previous updates for which there are links above. For more information about the surgery and support groups, check these sites out:

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