Virtual Caddo

Ever since Joe and Willie Lowe Justiss first took their family camping on Caddo Lake in the early 1920's, family gatherings there have been a tradition. Justiss descendants are now scattered across Texas and the rest of the country, and many have never been to Caddo. This web site is intended to give the whole family a place to get better acquainted with each other, especially those who don't live in northeast Texas and rarely, if ever, get to visit with most of the clan.

Ancestry – gives the family trees of Joe and Willie Justiss, along with some information about the history of their ancestral families.

Descendants – lists the descendants of Joe and Willie Justiss, and gives links to some of their own web sites.

Gatherings – tells about family gatherings, past and present, at Caddo and elsewhere.


Caddo Lake photo courtesy of Karen & Mike Fulfer (more here)

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