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Who could ever for get Jem and the Holograms? Battling their music against the Misfits and falling in love with their many male fans.
Jerrica and Kimber Benton's father died leaving them a foster home "Starlight." Jerrica then found out that half of her fathers music company was left to her and she had an idea, she would get money from the company to fix the foster home that was falling apart. When Jerrica went to her company she was surpised to see Eric Raymond, a long time employee of Starlight Music there. He had managed to scam his way into a high position at Starlight Music. Eric explained that he was using a new band called "The Misfits" to promote the company.
Angry and upset Jerrica returned home later that evening to find a small package in her room. When she opened it she found two star earrings. A holographic-lady named Synergy, approached before her, and introduced herself. She told Jerrica and her friends (her sister Kimber, Shana, and Aja) to go to the Starlight Drive In.
They found Synergy in a huge computer-like machine. It was then that Synergy explained to Jerrica that she was built by her father, and that she now belongs to her. Synergy showed the four girls all the amazing things she could do with her holographic powers. She was able to create any hologram and transform anything into a hologram. She also explained to Jerrica that her earrings were micro projectors that link to her. Then, Synergy showed Jerrica and the rest of the girls, the gifts that Jerrica's father had left behind for them, which included a whole bunch of gorgeous clothes, instruments, and a really expensive car called the "Rockin Roadster."
Jerrica finally knew how to stop Eric Raymond from running her father's company and promoting "The Misfits" with it. She would start her own band!
Jerrica created an alter-ego for herself, through the powers of Synergy, in which she named Jem. No one, except for the Holograms, knew about her double identity. Jerrica and the Holograms kept Synergy a secret so that she wouldn't fall into the hands of people who wanted to use her for evil purposes.

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