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Welcome... to the Calvin and Hobbes Fireside, my humble little home in the World Wide Web. This site is specially designed and maintained by Jellio` as a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. This site purely a fan site and not a commercial one.

Please take note that I am NOT the creator of Calvin and Hobbes but merely a fan of the comic. All Calvin and Hobbes related images are Copyright (c) Bill Watterson and the United Syndicate Press. All info and pictures should be seen only as an encouragement to buy C&H books.

This page was launched on the 18th of November 1997 in conjunction with the 12th Anniversary of Calvin and Hobbes. This page has changed it look several times since then :) Well, the fireside is the part beside the fireplace, considered as a warm and comfortable place. I hope that you will feel warm and comfortable, filled with lovely memories of Calvin and Hobbes while surfing through my page. Use the sidebar to navigate around. To find out more about each page, hover the mouse pointer over the button and wait for the pop-up info. If you have the time, please feel free to sign my guestbook or view my guestbook entries. Last but not least, if you have any comments, feedbacks or ideas do e-mail at jellio@gmail.com Thanks a lot!!


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Last updated: 2 Sept 2006

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A JelArt Studios Production. Page Design Copyright (c) Jellio` 1997-2006. All Calvin and Hobbes related images in these pages are Copyright (c) Bill Watterson and United Press Syndicate. This page is my own tribute in honour of Calvin and Hobbes 1985-1995. All pictures on my page should be seen only as an encouragement to buy C+H books.
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