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Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 12:43:08 UT

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As you know, I'm choosy about the stuff I pass around on the Web. This is a little different, even if it's only a bit of entertainment. It appealed to my sense of theater and mystery. Because it's just a link, you can choose whether or not to put a relatively large file on your hard drive, or whether to go to the trouble of turning on the sound -- which is heartily recommended -- or just not to try it at all, although I imagine you'll be tempted to forward it to others after you've tried it.
Your browser may open the file on its own; however, some systems may require that it be downloaded and then opened with a program such as QuickTime Player, and then it can be trashed easily.
It was sent to me by Mark McGovern of Toledo, Ohio, a Sherlock Holmes afficianado who often visited The Victorian Villa during our performances there. Here's Mark's message to his recipients:

Hi everyone,
I came across this little puzzle, and thought I'd pass it along. Look at this picture, and see if you can figure out what's wrong with it. It took me two minutes to figure it out. Having your sound on may help.
Here's a hint: there's a clue by the windows. Good luck.

Here's the picture

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